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There are several benefits to maintaining your home and keeping it tidy, neat and appealing. Asides from the fact that it increases your home’s value, you also save money in the long run. Additionally, it makes it livable, keeps pests away and protects your house from damage.

Maintaining your home usually will involve fixing minor repairs, changing old materials like doors, windows, flooring, roofing, etc. It also includes fixing any cracks, leaks as well as painting. You will find some ways to increase the value of your home here.


Boulder is a town in Boulder County, Colorado with a population of about 108,250 as of 2020. For homeowners and residents of this town as with every other place, painting your home makes it more habitable. It enhances its curb appeal and makes it aesthetically pleasing. It also improves its value as well as the landscape of the neighborhood where it is located.

Furthermore, it serves as protection for the building against the impact of weather and other similar elements. Additionally, it promotes healthy indoor air quality, protects interior surfaces, hides stains and improves environmental health.

When planning to paint your house, it is best to engage professional painters to handle the project rather than doing it yourself. This is because you get a higher quality of result and satisfying work done. Professionals also have experience and different tools they use to make the job faster. This helps to avoid inconveniencing or stressing you unnecessarily.

Additionally, accidents can potentially happen especially when you need to climb heights. However, professionals are used to doing these things. Moreover, they typically have insurance to cover any accident or damage. If you think your house is in the need of fresh paint, below are some recommendations to serve as a guide.

Recommendations For Painting A House

Recommendations For Painting A House

House painting is typically done when the house is newly built, a new occupant is moving in or the current paint is old. You may be wondering if you should do it yourself or hire a professional. While it may be best to hire professionals, here are factors to consider when you need to do so.

Current State of the Paint

The time required to paint a new house is significantly less than when you are working on an old one. This is because it is a new and smooth surface and requires less prep work. An older building on the other hand may require you to do some prep work.

You might need to prime the wall if there are cracks, holes, wall peeling and siding, etc. and using a filler. If you do not do this, the finishing coat will be absorbed unevenly on the wall. This will make it patchy as well as blotchy.

To this end, if you cannot handle the challenge of scraping, sanding and adding fillers for several hours, you should hire professionals. You can read about paint primers here

Scale and Size of The Project

The scale of the job to be done is a big decider on whether you should hire a painter or do it yourself. You should consider if realistically you can handle the whole project yourself. This is especially true if you have a big house and you are painting both the interior and exterior of the building.

If your home has multiple stories and the job is extensive, then it will be wise to hire professionals. Factoring your building’s size, the scope of work to be done and the time it will take will help you to decide what to do.

Which Part of The House Are You Painting?

Another thing to put into consideration is how complicated the task is. Typically, painting the exterior of the house is more complicated than the interior. You will have to climb heights and think about hard-to-reach places.

There is also the weather to consider because it can be unpredictable. By hiring professional painters, you do not have to worry about all of these. They have the experience to handle any complications as regards any kind of house painting work.

What To Do If Hiring A Professional

Having considered the factors above and you have decided painting is not for you, you can then hire professionals. When doing this, here are a few things to note.

  • Get estimates from different painters.
  • Research about the painter and request references.
  • Agree on a payment plan and understand what is required of you.

What to Do If Painting By Yourself

House painting is not quite as simple as it seems. However, below are things you should do if you have decided to handle it on your own.

  • Choose the type of color you want
  • Decide the type of paint you want to use; latex, glossy, matte, etc. and the quantity you will need.
  • Ensure to buy high-quality paint and tools. This means you should choose quality over price.
  • Plan how to go about doing the job.
  • Cover windows, doors, furniture and every other thing you do not want paint to touch and use tape where necessary.
  • Remove loose paints, peelings, rotten wood and then sand as well as fill any cracks, holes, etc.
  • Get started and apply up to two or three coats of paint.
  • Clean up after yourself.


Painting your house is an important part of maintaining it and this comes with many benefits. As much as doing the paint job by yourself seem appealing, bear in mind it is always best to engage experts. You can be certain you will get a more satisfying result.

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