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Next year, we meet the Euro 2012, and in its wake in many cities there are new sports complexes and stadiums, hotels and restaurants, and creative designers full swing on a football theme. In today’s review – only a fraction of a football design, which appeared due to people’s love for this sport.

Football Santa

This toy would be very relevant on the eve of the new year, and looked good to the Christmas tree in the football club or fan parties. Santa Claus, too human, they also love soccer!

Football Hub

A useful souvenir for fans of the game, and even better – for those who work directly in the field, will be here this “sport” USB-hub for flash drives, chargers, and other USB-devices.

Football home

The authors of this building live in Japan, where it is known, often an earthquake. So, this little hopper ball is a kind of temporary shelter during a disaster. Moreover, it is made of heavy-duty alloy – it has a kitchenette, two beds and drinking water supplies in the event, if you will not be long to leave this very sanctuary. But whatever about the toilets – a question …

Football urinal

Excellent invention designers determine the accuracy of “football” with a particular distance. And also tell there will be enough beer poured into a fan cafe, or even possible to miss a couple of dark glasses in the company of good friends.

Football washbasin

Well, a couple of football to the above devaysu – bowls made in the form of a soccer ball. Not for the apartment, but for a restaurant or cafe in sports style – even very fit .

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