How Easy is it to Build an Extension on Your Home?

If you are the head of a growing family, you are probably in need of some additional living space and if you are not ready to relocate, building an extension is probably the best option. You may or may not have some DIY experience, either way, building an extension on the property is probably a bit above your station, skill-wise.

Turnkey Solution

There are builders to take your second story extension ideas in Australia and turn them into reality and they offer a comprehensive solution that includes the following:

  • Design – The resident architect is ready and willing to work with the client, to design an extension that blends perfectly with the property.
  • Planning permission – As you are extending the boundaries of the structure, you will need to get planning permission from the local authority and this is something the builder can handle on your behalf.
  • Surveys – There are quite a few surveys that need to be done, depending on the size and design of the extension.
  • Groundwork – Preparing the footings is part of the project, which might require heavy machinery.
  • Waste removal – Once the build is complete, all waste material is removed and the garden is tidied up.
  • Comprehensive warranty – When a master builder completes a project, they guarantee their workmanship’ any remedial work will be done free of charge. There is some settling sometimes and cracks may appear, which is nothing to worry about.

Single or Double Story

If you are looking to maximize the additional space, a two-story extension is definitely the way to go. Once you make contact with a local builder, ask them to send someone to your home and you can discuss the many design options with an expert. Click here for useful information about roof replacement and restoration.

All-Inclusive quote

The last thing you need is a shock when the final bill is presented, which is why you should insist on an all-inclusive quote. The price indicated on the quote is the final price that you will pay, regardless of any extra work that might be required.

Utilities & waste

Of course, if there is a new bathroom involved, some plumbing work is needed, plus the extension needs electrical wiring for lighting and power points, while you might require telecommunications for a study room or a home office. Once the blueprints are approved by the local council, the builder will issue a start date and the project can get underway.


While you can build a two-story extension without adding a staircase, it does make access to the top floor easier. It could include a small entrance with a staircase that leads directly to the upper floor, or you could simply have connecting doors from the original build, the choice is yours.

The added living space will obviously boost the value of the property, so you can view the extension as a wise long-term investment that will pay big dividends, should you ever decide to sell.

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