Avoid Getting Locked Out With These Top Tips

A few seconds of carelessness or rushing about is all you need to be locked out. Most of us have experienced the dread that comes after the door has slammed shut, which can lead to stress and a significant waste of time on an already busy day.

If you’re a frequent lock-out victim, these are six tips to help you from being locked out.

1- Keep a List of Your Phone Contacts on Hand.

Being locked out is as stressful as it is time-consuming. So being prepared is one of the most effective methods to keep calm. You may also save time by keeping handy and practical contacts on your phone, such as your landlord or a locksmith. Or you might have a friend or family member close by who will be able to assist you.

2- Before you Need it, Find a Locksmith.

Lock-Smith-How to Avoid Getting Locked

Before you find yourself in an emergency situation, it’s always a good idea to have a locksmith on hand. Once you’ve settled into your new home, locate and contact a reputable locksmith so you may feel secure in the knowledge that you have a dependable phone number to call if ever required.

3- Get A Key Safe

Get-A-Key-Safe-How to Avoid Getting Locked

Spare keys are one of the easiest ways to ensure you don’t get locked out of the house. One option for spare keys is to store them in a key safe. Appropriate for personal and professional use, they’re helpful for keeping rental property keys secure.

Electronic lock key safes are available for those worried about losing the safe key. These specialized locks require a unique numerical code to open. Key safes are cost-effective compared to how much time and money they save in the long run.

4- It’s a Good Idea to Carry a Spare Key with you at all Times.

It makes sense to have new keys made for you to always have a spare on hand. Key cutting is much more cost-effective than calling a locksmith to let you back into your home.

Keeping your backup key separate from your regular collection lowers the chance of losing both sets, allowing you to use your spare key. Keep your second key copies around the house, such as in a desk, window, cabinet, and locker keys.

5- It’s Simple to Make Checking For Keys a Habit.

Forming a new habit takes around 21 days. Even if you’re in a rush, getting into a routine of checking that you have your house, car, and work keys before opening the door makes it less likely for you to forget them. Try keeping an eye for other valuables you frequently leave at home, such as your phone, glasses, and credit cards.

6- Replace Locks That Are Faulty

While people forgetting their keys is one reason why people are locked out, it isn’t the only reason. Some people get locked out of their homes or business because of a broken or faulty lock. It is better to replace the door mechanism before you get locked out.

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