How To Choose a Bath Tub For The Ultimate Soak – It’s Time To Relax

While considered one of the most frequently used areas in a home the bathroom is also one of the most intimate spaces in every house. For that reason, homeowners and interior designers pay great attention to making it look attractive and feel cosy.

Every now and then, minor accents can help step up your bathroom’s style, but when it comes to the fixtures, you want to make the right choice from the start.

And if there is one bathroom fixture that will hardly ever go out of style, that’s the bathtub. It gives a sense of luxury and more than that, it’s a relaxing retreat from the stress of everyday life.

Tubs have undergone many changes throughout the years and today’s designs have been adjusted to meet our requirements and the modern bathroom design trends.

Bathtubs Types: What’s In Now?

Bathtubs Types

These days, as homeowners are looking for different ways to add more luxury to their homes and distinguish their designs, they are separating the tub and shower, so there is a dedicated shower space and a separate personal oasis.

For many, the experience of unwinding in a warm bath, especially after a long day is more than just bathing, it’s soothing and provides unmatched comfort. You can find a suitable bath tub from a wide range of options and make your bathroom as beautiful as any other room.

Freestanding Tubs

A freestanding tub can fit almost any space and doesn’t need connecting walls to be installed, however, very often, it needs to be attached to a pedestal to ensure support and stability. This type of tub makes an elegant design statement while welcoming a relaxing soak.

The clawfoot tub is one of the most stylish solutions you can find and it can easily become the centrepiece of your bathroom. This classic look is quite popular these days, though it has been on the bath scene since the early 1800s.

Drop-In Tubs

A drop-in tub has to be mounted into a surround that has been designed to match the area around the bathtub. The installation process can be a little complicated, but it gives you more control over the look of your bathroom.

Corner Tubs

The corner bathtub has a wall attachment on one or two sides, a style that is great if you want to make the most of your bathroom space. It’s a great choice if you are working with a small bathroom space, but still want to have a tub.

Alcove Tubs

This type of bathtub has three walls and doubles as a shower very often. It’s built right against the wall to help make the most use of the available space in small bathrooms.

What Are Bathtubs Made of?

What Are Bathtubs Made of?

Cast Iron

This material is mostly used for making clawfoot and freestanding tubs. It’s heavy, but highly durable and has enamel that gives it a smooth and comfortable feel.


Since it can be moulded into specific shapes, acrylic is the most often used material for drop-in tubs as it makes it easier for the seat and other considerations to be built in. An acrylic bathtub pace can be used as a base if you want to create a spa-like feeling in your bathroom.


A copper tub is considered a luxury tub and for a good reason. It’s made of durable material that holds heat and requires low maintenance. Also, it’s an aesthetically pleasing solution for both modern and traditional bathrooms.


Fibreglass is a popular choice thanks to its mouldability and low cost. However, if you’re not careful when using it, it’s prone to scratching over time.


Wood is a material that fits perfectly well in rustic-themed living spaces. A wood bathtub may be a good choice if you want to make a stylish statement in your bathroom, but keep in mind that it will tend to break down with consistent use and is not considered a lasting investment compared to other bath tubs.

Choose Your Bath Right

Choose Your Bath Right

There is a lot to consider when choosing your bathtub and to help you narrow down your choices, here are some of the most important things to keep in mind and purchase a tub just right for your bathroom.

Bath Experience

If you are someone who enjoys long baths, then the kind of experience you want to get from your tub should be one of your top priorities. The shape and size of the tub can determine the comfort level it provides.

If it’s too short, then you will hardly be able to recline fully and if you want to rest your feet on the front of the tub while soaking, make sure the tub you choose is not too long for you.

Also, the depth of the tub can affect how much water you will be able to fill it with, so make sure to consider this if you want to be fully submerged when enjoying a bath.

The insulation of the walls of your bath can determine how long it will stay hot, which makes it an important factor to consider if you are, as the abovementioned, someone who enjoys long baths.


Bath tub Weight

When selecting a bath tub, consider its weight as well and choose one that your floor will be able to support when filled with water. Additionally, the weight of the tub can help you decide where to place it in your bathroom.


Installing your tub depends on the size and shape and depending on that, some styles are easy to install, while others may get a bit complicated. When it comes to installing a tub, whether it seems too heavy or not, it’s always a good idea to hire a professional and leave the job in their hands.

Final Thoughts

Once you’ve found the bath for your home, you can see how a peaceful and relaxing bath can add a lot to your everyday life. It can reduce stress and give you moments of absolute comfort and soothe sore muscles when needed. The right tub can perfectly match the aesthetics of the rest of your bathroom and add style and sophisticated edge to the overall look of your home.

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