How to Choose Pool and Snooker Table? Everything You Need To Know

Pool and snooker table is a great addition to your game room, whether it is placed at your home, renovated basement or somewhere else.

To enjoy a good game of 8-ball or snooker, you must have the right table; otherwise, it would be hard to enjoy the game.

Pool and snooker tables need to be perfect in size, table cloth, potholes, and other details. Following is a complete guide on buying the perfect table and some tips for looking after pool tables.

Narrow Down Perfect Table Size

Table Size

Pool and snooker tables have a standard size; however, they can be customized to fit your spacing requirements.

The game is more about movement than the table size; if you can’t move freely to hit those notorious snooker shots, you will not be able to enjoy the game.

You need to determine whether you want it in-house or outside. For outside pool tables, you can go for any size as long as there is enough space.

However, the difficulty comes in choosing the right-sized indoor pool table. Take the complete measurement of the room and its width.

Once done, either shop for the appropriate size or customize it after buying.

Consider Pool Table Games


You can play various pool games like billiards and 8-ball on a pool table, but you can only play snooker on a snooker table.

Pool tables are shorter than snooker ones, their balls are a bit bigger than snooker, and the potholes are also wide.

Similarly, both tables have different cues to manage and play the game effectively.

Therefore, choosing the right table is also down to the type of game, as it will also dictate the length and size of the table.

Finalize Type of Wood


Oak and maple are the two types mainly used to build a pool or snooker table.

However, to give it more texture, you can also go for tables made of cherry, walnut, sapele mahogany, Honduras redwood or diamond wood trees.

Each type has its unique look, which can easily blend with any interior. Remember to keep your budget in check, as some of these wood types are expensive.

Choose Suitable Table Cloth

Apart from size, the table cloth or felt is another vital factor in pool and snooker tables.

Professional tables have a wool and nylon table cloth, but you can also get a synthetic nylon one.

The performance is not significantly affected by either type; however, the synthetic cloth is cheaper than traditional felt, making it ideal for low-budget buyers and casual players.

Figure Out Which Table Pockets You Want

Many recreational pool tables have drop pockets, where you can retrieve the ball after pocketing it.

However, some have ball return pockets, where the balls are gathered and can be retrieved after finishing the game.

Again, the purpose will define the type of table pockets; if it’s for your home, then drop pockets would be best, as they don’t incur additional costs as opposed to tunnel pockets.

When it comes to pool tables, you can customize them according to your needs.

Pool and snooker tables can be expensive, but smart planning and proper know-how will not only save you some extra cash and it will also make this one-time investment worthwhile.

In addition to the table, make sure you purchase quality cue sticks, badge sticks, pool cue racks etc., to fully enjoy the game.

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