How To Clean Using A Vacuum

Not everyone genuinely enjoys the effort that it takes to get a home to the point where it’s disinfected; free from germs, grime, and microscopic hazards; and organized from massive amounts of clutter. But once finished most people bask in the cleanliness.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stay that way for long. One of the biggest projects faced in the household is the floors. A vacuum can be used for any flooring material to remove dust particles or debris.

If you need a machine, there are a range on the market with a common choice being a canister vacuum. In order to get the one specific for your situation, it’s wise to do some research on the various units, and how they function with the floor type.

In most situations, though, a vacuum is a staple in many household cleaning supply closets. Some people struggle with its use, unsure of the proper procedure for an adequate clean without causing strenuous effort on the part of the user. Often the chore is put off because it is made more difficult than it actually should be. But when you plan it and prevent additional work for yourself, that’s no longer the case.

How To Clean using a Vacuum

After vacuuming the floors in a home, there is a sense that you have reached the optimum in cleanliness because you eliminate the allergens, the dust, and any debris from the floors. But there is a process to using the machine that makes it much easier and overall more effective.

  • Choose To Keep It Easy:

Among the most obvious tips for cleaning with these machines is to keep it simple for yourself, try not to make it more difficult than it needs to be. Some individuals unintentionally make more of a problem for themselves in certain situations like allowing family or guests to walk around with their shoes on.

Dirt and debris accumulate at a rapid pace under these circumstances. Anyone entering the home should remove their shoes keeping the mess contained rather than dragging it everywhere. If you don’t feel comfortable asking people to take their shoes off, you can offer wipes so shoes can be cleaned at the door instead.

  • Swipe Several Times:

In an effort to get the optimum in pulling up things like pet hair or ground in particles in carpeting, you need to do more than one swipe across the area. It typically requires going back over several times and doing so in different directions to loosen it and bring it out.

It’s especially true with hair that gets stuck in carpet fibers, particularly pet hair. The volume that generally sticks in the material is tough to eliminate without multiple times and various directions. The suggestion is to do the vacuuming in an “X” pattern as opposed to front-to-back swiping.

  • Create A Regimen:

Most people don’t vacuum each day. It might be of benefit to do so because there won’t be such an accumulation, especially in carpet, but not many people choose to do so. Instead, there should be a specified day set aside during the week that is designated for that chore so that you will more than likely stick to it.

Creating a cleaning schedule helps people to maintain their home more efficiently and vacuuming up to maybe two times in a week is sufficient maintenance for a household.

If there are higher trafficked spaces, these could require extra work, so they don’t get out of hand. For people with pets, you’re looking at maybe every other day if you want to stay on top of the hair. You can also do light touch-ups if someone brings in debris from outside or drops crumbs throughout various rooms.

  • Empty Canisters or Change Out Bags:

The remnants that you’re collecting from the floors accumulate inside the machine somewhere, and eventually that area, whether it’s inside a canister or contained in a bag, needs to be changed or cleaned. You want to be consistent, scheduling a time that you take care of this maintenance like you would with actually doing the chore.

Without taking care of this upkeep, the machine can’t do the work efficiently because it’s already full. In some cases, the vacuum could actually begin to emit the contents back out onto the floors because it’s overflowing. Ultimately it creates a more significant mess than you initially had.

  • Stains In The Carpeting:

If you’re involved in sweeping and take notice of a stain, you should stop and attempt to “spot clean” the area before proceeding. Once the stain comes out of the floor covering, you can proceed to sweep over it.

Ideally, stains of any kind would do well with a “steam cleaner” to completely eliminate the spot. It’s another tool meant to extend the life of the flooring by taking ground-in grime and staining out of the material keeping it fresh and looking nice.

  • Use The Settings:

Depending on the floor type, you’ll want to set the machine according. There will be settings that you adjust depending on the height, comparing shaggier carpeted floors to a minimal bare hardwood. Doing so will create the correct amount of suction for that particular surface enabling an efficient result.

hardwood vacuum cleaner

You’ll need to readjust as you pass from room to room if the floors vary in each space, or if you are working on an area rug and then sweeping tiles.

Even if you have vacuumed on a regular schedule, there is one or two times each year that homes need to have deep cleanings, and the floors are a large part of the effort. The most maintenance comes with carpeted areas, which require shampooing, steaming, or you can do both of these steps.

Any dirt that has accumulated that the vacuum has been unable to eliminate is cleared out with this cleansing. You’ll notice the regular household chore becomes much easier after the shampooing. The important thing is to be consistent with your schedule to keep on top of the mess until it’s time to shampoo yet again.

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