How to Decorate Your Log Cabin for Maximum Comfort

Whether your log cabin is your hunting headquarters, weekend getaway, or even your year-round residence, small changes can make a big difference in how much you enjoy your restful, rustic space. With these tips, you can create a true natural oasis, where you soak up the relaxation of the great outdoors no matter the season.

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Carefully Consider the Layout of your Space

Every log cabin is arranged a bit differently, so it’s important to consider the floor plan of your log cabin before deciding on your interior design. For example, if your log cabin has a loft right over the kitchen, you can use the overhang to hang pots and pans; that way, you’re reducing how much cabinet space you need and making your kitchen more efficient, as your tools will be right where you need them.

Depending on the model of log cabin you have, you can download the floor plan, then use this to determine where you should place the furniture for good flow throughout the home. As log cabins are small and rely a lot on natural light to feel airy, be sure you think about what direction your cabin faces and how this will impact the sunlight throughout the year: you don’t want to place a tall bookshelf right next to the window, thus blocking light off to a large portion of the home.

If you’re so inclined, you can even use interior design software to mock up how it will look when completed, and examine it in “dollhouse view” so that you know where to place things before even putting a single piece of furniture down.

Search for Space-Maximizing Design

It’s no secret that most log cabins are smaller than the average house, and therefore you need to be highly efficient in your use of floor space if you’re going to make your cabin feel cozy rather than cramped.

Firstly, make good use of vertical space and wall space. Many log cabins come with preinstalled shelving, but you can always add more if you find it’s not suiting your needs; this will reduce the need for standing furniture like bookshelves or dressers, as well as allow you to easily see what you have. You can also invest in multi-use furniture, such as using a steamer trunk or blanket chest as a coffee table, or buying a comfortable pull-out sofa that can serve as a bed for guests – or even for yourself.

Beyond furniture, you should also consider the smaller decorations, which can easily overwhelm a small space. The most obvious way to reduce clutter in a small space is to simply not bring it in: carefully consider what exactly will add to a restful and comfortable feel, and only place what brings you the most joy.

You can also consider how to utilize the vertical space mentioned before to display your favorite things rather than placing them on surfaces like tables or counters. For example, if you have a lot of mugs you’re proud of, you can install pegs to hang them; if you love the lushness of houseplants, you can place them in macrame hangers, which will also lend your cabin a rustic and natural air. Install shadow boxes on the walls to show off some of your favorite trinkets to give a sense of both minimalism and personality.

Check Out other Log Cabins for Inspiration

Whether you’re writing an article or redecorating a space, relying upon the knowledge and experience of others is just good practice: you can see how others have utilized the compact space of a log cabin to great effect, as well as what you find doesn’t work. If you’re truly stumped on how to make a fabulous living space, viewing a log cabin park model, or even visiting a log cabin park, can give you some bright ideas of what really harmonizes with the rustic feeling of a log cabin.

Social media sites like Pinterest also have excellent examples of log cabin living and tiny home decoration; look for images that fit your own personal style, then really investigate what appeals to you. Don’t hesitate to look outside of just log cabin decoration as well, as inspiration really can come from any interior design.

For example, if you prefer Scandinavian simplicity, research the term “hygge” and check out what’s necessary to recreate that cozy, comfortable feel. If you like a more modernist look, search for other decorators who have incorporated straight lines and abstract art into their space, whether that’s a full-size home or a tiny house.

Final thoughts

The joy of log cabins is that they have endless diversity and opportunity, which makes them a perfect canvas to personalize into exactly what you desire in a living space. Your log cabin can reflect your style in every aspect, from the art to the decorations, while still maintaining that comfortable, naturalistic feel. Whether you prefer the heavy trappings of an old-school hunting cabin, the relaxed coziness of a Scandinavian home, or even modernist severity, you have the tools to create a home that is uniquely yours – and uniquely relaxing.

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