7 Ways to Efficiently Tidy Up Your Home

Everyone detests cleaning but wants their how to keep your house clean and tidy. Is it possible to clean and tidy up your home fast?

How To Keep Your House Clean And Tidy Some Best Ideas

Some expect swift work does not guarantee efficient results, especially in cleaning and laundry. However, this is actually possible. You can clean and tidy up your home quickly yet efficiently.

If you are wondering how to keep your house clean and tidy here are some best ideas:

1. List Your Priorities

List Your Priorities
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Not all household chores are equal. You can do other chores the next few days, while others have to be done immediately.

Make a list of your cleaning goals. It guides you on what to do next before you attempt to do other things.

2. Work Smart, not Hard

Work Smart, not Hard
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You have to work smart in every aspect of life. Let’s say you have a pile of laundry to do instead of doing it alone at home.

Why not have it taken care of as a laundry pickup and delivery service? This way, your laundry is cleaned without you needing to do it or drop it off at the nearby laundry shop.

3. Determine The High-Traffic Areas

Determine The High-Traffic Areas
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Focusing on high-traffic areas helps you prevent dirt or clutter from spreading. You can place a rug at the entrances of your home to keep the dirt from going further inside your house. Sweep or vacuum high-traffic areas of your home daily, and even a quick 5 minutes is a great help.

4. Always Declutter

Always Declutter
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Always take time to declutter, even the smallest things. While decluttering, you can come across some precious items, such as used vintage engagement rings or even family heirlooms. You will never know what kind of hidden treasures are just lying around the house. Although decluttering takes time, removing the clutter and organizing your home cuts down a significant amount of time needed to tidy up.

5. Practice CLAYGO

Practice CLAYGO
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CLAYGO, or clean as you go, is not only applicable in public areas. You have to practice it at home too. Put away things after you use them. If you do clean as you go, you can save time cleaning up clutter in the end.

6. Do One Laundry Load Thrice A Week

Laundry Load Thrice
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This step may depend on the severity of the pile in your laundry hamper. Some prefer doing one laundry load a day.

However, this might be costly and take up more time than doing one laundry load twice or thrice a week. In this case, you are washing enough amount of laundry.

If you are busy, you can drop off your laundry or look for a shop that offers a laundry delivery service.

7. Make it a Family Activity

Delegating tasks to your family makes the chores easier and cleaning more efficient. You can start teaching your children some minor chores; age-appropriate tasks make a difference in the overall tidiness of the house.

These seven ways help you save time in your day while efficiently tidying up your home. If you are a perfectionist, you must take the time to accept that some things do not have to be perfect.

These small things will help make your regular weekly cleaning schedule easier. Make them part of your cleaning routine, and in no time, you can adapt these steps naturally and efficiently.

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