How to Make Pool Parties Safer?

One of the many things most kids dream of is a pool party. You can get fun things like bubbles, lights, balloons, floaters, and inflatables. But how can we ensure that the fun isn’t dangerous for our kids?

Let’s say you’re an adult who wants to go to the pool with your friends on the weekends. Then the possibility of getting hammered with booze at a pool party poses some risks. If so, you should also worry about whether or not your place is safe enough for these things.

In this article, we’ll talk about why and how you can make pool parties safer.

What Should You Do To Make A Safe Pool Party?

Safe Pool Party

Pools can quickly become dangerous places if they are not properly maintained. So, what would you do as a parent or a good friend to make the pool party safer? Here are some crucial things to do.

Before A Party

Before any parties, you should check the event’s place. In this case, your party place is the pool and the deck.

Resurface your pool and pool deck.

Here’s what you need to do for the pool deck:

● Inspect any cracks, spalling, peeling, or holes on pool decks

● Visit and learn how to fix up any cracks and holes with concrete
pool deck overlay.

● Concrete overlays are decorative, too. Try to add extra oomph to your deck to make it
party-ready. Here are some design options

  1. Stained Stamped concrete overlay
  2. Stained Stenciled Concrete Overlay
  3. Exposed Aggregate Concrete Overlay

And here’s what you need to do for the pool :
● Inspect water chemical and water levels
● Inspect the pool filter system
● Check pool surfaces for any cracks and holes.
● Consider checking to help maintain your swimming pools. They are
ensured to help you make the most protection for your pools.

Make First Aid Kit Accessible To Pool Area.

Make First Aid Kit Accessible To Pool Area.

Of course, you need a first-aid kit in case of an emergency. We call them “accidents” because they are sudden and unexpected.

But it would be best to wait until something goes wrong before you’re ready to fix it. Always have the kit close to where the event is happening so that you or people can get to it quickly, solve problems ASAP, and not let things worsen.

During The Pool Party

You can have fun at the pool party, but you must still be watchful and firm since you’re the host. You must do the subsequent things to ensure safety during a pool party.

Set up rules and guidelines for the pool party.
To stay organized while having fun, there should still be limits. Rules and guidelines will set these important limitations.

Setting limits on pools is crucial because too much might cause more trouble. For instance, you should set limits on the following:

  • Don’t let a child swim to a level they cannot handle.
  • Don’t let a drunk person go swimming.
  • Don’t bring dangerous items into the pool.
  • Don’t let swimmers eat too much before swimming.
  • Don’t let an injured person with an open wound swim in a chlorinated pool.
  • Don’t let kids or anyone run around the pool.
  • Don’t play near the pool drain; educate them that it can suck their fingers or hair.
  • Don’t let them skip sunscreens for skin protection.

Since it’s your pool and property, you decide if there will be rules about when people can use it and where they can’t go.

Remember, they are on your property with your permission, so you are still responsible for anything that could happen to them.

Watch Over Everyone And Not Leaving Kids Unattended

If you don’t have lifeguards at your pool, you should be the one to watch out for people.

You should look after your child and tell others that your child needs to be safe. If other parents are coming, you should stay with them and help each other watch the kids.

Let them have fun in the pool, especially if they know how to swim, but keep an eye on them because it’s easy to miss a drowning child. If a child falls into open water, they could not only drown, but they could also hit their heads on the bottom of the pool.

You should also care for other adults and remind them of any rules if they forget.


After A Pool Party

As the host of a pool party place, you can’t just relax after the party. You should take the following steps if you want your pool to be secure to use again after a party.

Clean The Pool And Party Area
After a fun and safe pool party, people would want to do it all over again! So, after-party care is like pre-caring for future parties.

The pool party fun in the water can alter a pool’s pH and chemical levels, not to mention bringing in bacteria and trash. If you’re tired after a party, consider hiring a pool cleaning company to treat your pool.

Put Some Pool Covering

If you plan to use the pool a few more weeks from now, it’s better to keep it safe by using pool covers.

Pool covering is beneficial because it will help you:

  • Maintain almost the same water level
  • Maintain the last chemical treatment
  • Maintain the pool cleanliness (no twigs and leaves)

Why Protect A Pool Party?

If you’re a parent, it’s easy to feel self-conscious and worry that you may be overprotective of your child. But when it comes to pools, there is no age limit on who needs to be safe.

You should never forget that proper maintenance extends the fun and saves lives and money.

Have A Whale Of Time

You would feel better if you did what you needed to do before, during, and after a pool party. If you aren’t ready for anything that could go wrong, it could cost you more than a few pennies. Carelessness can put lives in danger. So, the energy you use to watch people is better than nothing.


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