How to Prevent and Tackle Blocked Drains in Adelaide

One of the most common, and possibly the most troublesome, plumbing issue Adelaide households encounter every few years are blocked drains. It can either happen gradually, with your drain seemingly allowing less and less liquid to pass through until such time that it clogs up completely.

Or it can happen in the blink of an eye – one day your drain is fine, the next day it’s not. It all has to do with what has caused the clog.

However, before we even get there, let’s talk about how a blocked drain can affect your daily life and what it can eventually lead to if left as is.

A sink clog or a blockage in your bathroom drain may not seem like a big deal until it starts to affect your daily life. Suddenly, washing dishes takes twice as long and ten times more troublesome because now, you don’t only have to worry about finishing up the pile of dirty dishes, you also must patiently wait for the water to drain before you move on to the next batch. And who here wants stagnant water on the bathroom floor? Ick. Just the thought of it can already make one’s skin crawl.

But these are petty nuisances compared to what can happen if a drain clog is left unfixed (read more). You would be lucky to just get a water leak as a wakeup call but what if one of your pipes bursts open? And all the built-up gunk and grime comes gushing out along with dirty water to flood your kitchen floor? That’s a load of work for something that you could’ve easily fixed in 24 hours if you acted fast enough.

Don’t wait until things get to this point. Your lovely kitchen in your quaint Adelaide home deserves more than icky, blocked pipes. Act fast – or better yet, implement measures that will prevent any mishaps of this nature happening in your home.

But what if it’s already happened? Well, time to tackle what solutions to take.

Solving Blocked Drain Dilemmas in Adelaide

Solving Blocked Drain Dilemmas in Adelaide
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When trying to solve a blocked drain dilemma, it’s important to discover what is causing the blockage in the first place. Based on the behaviour of the clogged drain, you can find many clues as to what is causing the block in your drainage pipes.

Dirt or Oil Build-up

If you noticed your drain constricting for some time now, which means that its flow has been slowly getting disrupted over time, then there’s a good chance that the blockage is caused by the gradual build-up of dirt, oil, grime, and other food particles that go down your drain whenever you wash dirty dishes that have not been cleared properly. Oil, especially, solidifies over time and it can coat the wall of your pipes, limiting the flow of water.

If you believe that this is what’s causing your blocked drain, the first troubleshooting step you can do is create your own drain solution from things you can already find at home. Pantry staples like baking soda, vinegar, and lemon, can create a powerful acidic mixture that can help you dissolve the blockage.

If the block is stubborn and natural remedies like this aren’t working, you can try purchasing store-bought drain cleaners and let it sit in your drain for 24-48 hours. Make sure to not run any water through the drain during this period.

Foreign Object Stuck in Drain

If the blockage seems to have happened abruptly, like your sink was totally fine yesterday and now it’s blocked, it could be that something of substantial size fell through the drain hole and got stuck in the pipes.

This limits the flow of water and causes it to throw it back up the surface. If you suspect that this is the cause, then physically removing whatever’s blocking your drain’s path by removing the tubes is necessary.

It’s important to understand what is causing the blockage in the first place so you also know what steps to take next to remedy the problem. As mentioned, the solution to a blocked drain caused by build-up is to dissolve whatever is blocking the path of water.

In the case of having an actual object obstructing the drain, you may have to physically remove the object to fix the blocked drain issue. As you can see, these are completely different methods and would only solve the problem they are intended for.

If you have no idea whatsoever about how to check or fix your blocked drain problem, you can always seek expert help. In fact, it’s important for any household in Adelaide to partner with a good plumbing company that will not only help them with emergencies like this, but also help them regularly maintain their home’s plumbing systems.

Obtaining Expert Advice on Dealing with Blocked Drains in Adelaide

Obtaining Expert Advice on Dealing with Blocked Drains in Adelaide
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Fortunately, Adelaide is home to many capable and skilful certified plumbers. These plumbing companies have provided many homeowners blocked drain solutions as well as regularly maintain their pipeworks so problems like this don’t happen in the first place – or at least, not abruptly.

Plumbing is something that you regularly need to maintain for as long as you are living in your home. This is why it is important that you have direct and quick access to experts that can help you resolve any issues you encounter as well as provide preventative measures to ensure that no severe plumbing accidents happen inside your house.

How do you obtain expert advice on dealing with blocked drains?

Well, this part is easy. All you need to do is to look for the right service provider that can help you find the solution to your blocked drain problem.

Start your search based on proximity. Look for companies within the area or within Adelaide to make sure that you always have help nearby in case of plumbing emergencies.

Next, do your research. It takes no more than 15 minutes to find out whether a company can provide you with the service quality you need (and deserve). Do a quick Google search, verify the company’s certifications, go over customer reviews, and browse their services. If everything seems to be a good fit, then you have a good potential plumbing partner right there.

Lastly, get in touch. Companies should have their phone number, email address, or even on-site chat support on their website to help with your inquiries. Take note of how fast they can cater to your questions and requests. A company that knows how to communicate well is always a good sign.

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