In his time on the status of inmate bed talking luxurious fabrics, drapes, tassels and gilt decoration. Today, indicators of luxury is a conceptual, minimalist and high technology. Conceptual design of the snow-white bedroom could be called decorative, decadent and futuristic at the same time. The roots of this avant-garde eclecticism grow from a few sources of inspiration – the royal canopies, the biblical story and the current trends of today.

Luxurious texture, ornate patterns and inspirational historic royal bedroom is transformed here in no less sophisticated modern geometry. In place of the grand canopy beds are intended to identify the zone and create a sense of comfort and grandeur of his own persona, comes a futuristic complex structure.

What was formerly considered a luxury item and an indication of status, is now perceived as a mauvais ton. Therefore, the space design of this bed tends to show a high class interior, both materially and intellectually in terms of today.
Scheme constructive canopy also borrows and transforms the images and the silhouettes of the biblical tree of knowledge. Material production structure was painted plywood, supported by special ropes fixed to the ceiling. Monochrome white color intended to focus on the geometry and fine furniture innovation.  These contemporary allusions to the theme of royal luxury and biblical subjects have become the modern context for a double bed, two drawers for storing clothes and bedding, dresser and cosmetic table with mirror.