Very few people can actually think of turning an old water tower into a luxurious apartment. Even though it might sound quite ridiculous, but in reality, such an Incredible House Inside a Water Tower does exist. It is one of a kind house, which has a beautifully done home décor.

The Incredible House Inside a Water Tower has been divided into various floors and each floor is dedicated to a particular room. Such as, one floor is used for kitchen and dinning room, one for bedroom and the topmost floor for sitting area. Each floor has been designed uniquely, based on the purpose it serves. Since, the floor areas are not huge, hence contemporary furniture and fitting has been selected for the home interior. The types of furniture used are slender and light weighted and they to tend to occupy less space. They make the rooms appear more spacious and striking.

The Incredible House Inside a Water Tower includes all modern home gadgets, appropriately placed in each floor. The wall to wall glass windows allows abundance of natural light to enter the rooms, which in turn helps to illuminate the rooms and keep them warm, during cold winter months. The interior designer, who has done the entire home interior, has turned out the old water tower into a fascinating work of art.