Amazon Tree Houses was formed in 2007 by Derek Saunderson, a Joiner and Treehouse builder with over twenty years experience. His aim was to bring the craft of treehouse building back from the accountants and sales-men, and put it firmly back in the hands of the crafts-men who’s passion for treehouse building shows in their skill and commitment for creating beautiful natural structures.

At Amazon Tree Houses we believe that our creations are for the young and old to enjoy. Tree houses come in every shape, form and style, and will be completely unique to you.Be it a inspirational secluded haven, a commercial tree house venture for your hotel or a central focal point for the garden. An Amazon Treehouse will bring pleasure to young and old for many years to come.
Every treehouse or lodge that we construct is unique and as such each project undertaken is costed individually. No project is too small and with the combined commercial experience of 20 years no project is to large. So let your imagination run wild and we’ll find a way to create the perfect Treehouse or Lodge for you.


Suhail is a father of three who loves nurturing them day and night. Profession wise he is a recruitment consultant with strong interposal skills. He likes to share his tough life experiences with the world and save people from those troubles he had to run into.

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