11 Creative And Voguish Indoor Pool Design Ideas

Indoor Pool Design

An a la mode and chic indoor pool design is a great way to create a private space in your condo for entertainment, relaxation and spending quality time. While natural outdoor pool designs are apt for summer swims and brunch get-togethers, an indoor pool design offers seclusion, a cozy ambience, and can even serve as a training spot for fitness fanatics who usually prefer swimming sessions. A snazzy pool inside a house can uplift the interior’s vibe adding panache to the overall look and feel. Here’s a compilation of some of the most creative indoor pool design ideas that are a poignant aesthetic product of some brilliant architects.

JK and Sons Pool

Created by the renowned JK and Sons, this indoor pool design is a manifestation of beautiful artwork embedded in the bold wall patterns, soft ceiling hues, and artistic light work. The earthy pastels, lush green plants, and pool’s classy perimeter complement the overall tone providing a wonderful area to enjoy the coolness of the water.

jk and sons pool

Image Source: Pixabay

Indoor Cadas

Apt for a vibrant living area, this magnificent green indoor pool design exudes elements of Roman architecture with its over-the-top pool features. A lap pool for the lounge, blue-glass mosaic interior comprising of gold inlays, four marble pillar supports for the lavish glass pyramid serving as a spectacular skylight poised above the pool, marble deck, rim-flow edge, and LED light work with changing shades all add to the luxury of this wow-worthy indoor pool.


Image Source: Wikipedia

Living Room Harmony

Any indoor pool design should blend with the overall theme and architecture of the house. This specific design adds grandiose to the living room through its lucid and tropical hues. Located right in the center of the living room, the classy and urbane Greek mosaic tile and classic geometry of the pool complement the natural vibe of the room and its interior to the core, uplifting the ingenuity. A great area to relax and have fun diving into warm waters with fantabulous visuals to surround you!


Image Source: Maxpixel

Private Pool

The private pool design is a wonderful idea for those who prefer a secluded, cozy setting with a private feel to it. Entirely done in white, this indoor pool offers gorgeous and stunning visuals through the sparkling water hues, glass tile interiors of the spa and fancy light work around the space. An amazing poolside area or private lounge is included in the settings to allow for guest entertainment, lively get-togethers, leisure time and family fun. The splendid skylight, jazzy window-work, and beautiful timber decorating add to the overall sophistication and elegance of the design.


Image Source: Pexels

Dreamy Skyscape

This indoor pool design projects a grand neoteric pool landscaping crafted using customized hand-painted glassy tiles that exude a dreamy yet closer-to-nature vibe. This stylish pool’s features and accessories include a dazzling elevated spa for private swim and healthcare sessions, a splendid mosaic serving as the pivotal point of the pool design, and exotic lights to amp up the aesthetics. The pool perimeter with its refined cuts, sparkling water, and earthy hues makes you feel as if you’re enjoying a nice outdoor swim. Elements of fantasy are added by the luxurious dreamy skyscape created on the ceiling that oversees the bright sparkling pool water and tall windows done in splashy colors.


Image Source: wikimedia

Small Indoor Pools

A modish design for indoor pools that makes use of natural colors for the ceiling and walls, tiled or timber flooring and a compact pool perimeter with potted plants to augment the natural ambience! It includes swish lounge chairs and side tables so you can have a great time with family or guests.


Image Source: Pixabay

Ramapo Valley Pool

The pool maker has added a more balanced feel to the pool’s design with posh glass windows and doors so that the swimmer can enjoy the beautiful view outside along with a great swim. It’s an inventive idea that adds elegance and grandeur to the interior while offering a fabulous spot for tranquility and recreation.


Image Source: Wikimedia

Paragon Pools – SPA

This indoor pool design idea is closer to a spa look with a bit of heavenly aura. It’s best for swimming enthusiasts who like all-year aquatic exercises or water aerobics. The pool enclosure has an exquisite perimeter with classy cuts and huge pocket openings to allow for ventilation and sun rays when needed.


Image Source: Wikimedia

Classic L-shaped Pool

This exotic look projects a quite polished, sleek and svelte vibe with its refined, more classic L-shaped perimeter-overflow best for laps. The indoor pool and the columns are done in black glass tile that adds to the urbane feel complemented by zippy ceiling lights and vintage wall patterns. The pool provides a separate fun area for kids to play around and enjoy water-splash.


Image Source: Pxhere

Sleek And Refined

This indoor pool design idea has been inspired by Falcon pools and it makes use of earthy color for the pool perimeter, wall patterns, and the ceiling to enhance the elegance of the overall ambience. It is great for a private space where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and cool waters with some nice tunes. The sleek look is further boosted by the lap pool and the spa extension that works well to add a touch of luxury and harmonious organization to space. With its dark tile mural and blue granite overflow, the pool design makes the best use of creative aesthetics.


Image Source: Pixabay

Timber Lap Pool

The timber lap pool is a great design idea for a more rustic yet modern look. Located at the rear of a lounge setting, the 12-foot-deep lap pool is built using soft colors, Caymen Lagoon Hydrazzo finish and contrasting patterns for the walls and ceilings. The use of bright colored stamped concrete deck and imported travertine coping for the pool add a touch of old wood appeal. Some great accessories for the landscaping and splendid lights warm up the old-school yet more retro ambience. The aesthetics are uplifted by the water trickling off the platform and into the indoor pool surrounded by dense dolomite limestone generating a soft musical interlude elevating the dazzling aura to a new level.


Image Source: Pixabay

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