How to Have a Nature Inspired Living Room

A nature inspired living room will do so much more than just please the eye. Biophilic rooms are said to lift the mood, provide a positive environment and reduce stress levels.

The concept of bringing the outsides in is an attempt to connect with nature and increase the amount of green in our apartments (which are often surrounded by other apartments and concrete structures).

Air-cleansing plants can help with your health and provide for a beautiful living room that feels comfortable and luxe.

Furniture employing natural wood is sustainable and long lasting, but most of all, it is classic and timeless. A nature inspired living room is unlikely to go out of style. Here are some ways you can design it yourself!

Color Schemes


Now, don’t get us wrong- Nature inspired designs does not mean you have to employ colors from nature if you don’t want to. Rather, aim for complementary colors that will add to the area. Mix mid-century classic designs in with your biophilic design and choose colors that make your décor and furniture stand out.

If you go for neutral colors, choose a variation of three shades that you can layer around the room. For example, if you are going for dark wooden floors and crème-coloured walls, make your shelves light crème/dark crème color, or add a shade of crème in your furniture in a way that fits the tone of your living room.

Adding layers will add depth to the room that will give it personality. Adding nature-based art on the walls to accentuate your color scheme is another way to add depth. Once you have decided on tones, mix and match till you achieve a look that speaks to you.

Nature Décor is Not Just Plants


A nature inspired living room is not placing random plants around the room. The whole space should be cohesive and have tones that make you think of nature.

This includes the kind of furniture you choose. Wooden or oak furniture will add an element of natural materials. You can also opt for a gallery wall that has neutral artwork.

A gallery wall will also be perfect for disguising your television and going for the no-technology look. Simply wall mount your television, add a frame around it and save it to a nature-art screensaver. You can contact professionals for TV aerial installation.

If you want the textured finish of a green feature wall but without the hassle of maintenance, you might decide instead to opt for an artificial green wall panel instead. UK retailer Grass Warehouse said that have seen a huge rise in the popularity of this style of wall decoration, as they introduce greenery to blank wall spaces in a fun, simple way.

Wooden décor does not have to be limited to your furniture. You can opt for a wooden vase, straw lamps, clear glass light fixtures and lots of plants with wooden plant pots or clear glass pots. This adds another element to your living room that will make the space look balanced out, especially if you are going for darker wall colors.

Experiment with mixing the different kinds of woods. You don’t have to match everything to each other. Having a wood theme with furniture that has different wooden details gives a unique character to the room. Your living room will feel personal, balanced, and artistic.

Add Patel’s


We know, pastels are an absurd choice when it comes to a biophilic living room. However, you would be surprised how well they fit into the theme. Soft, ethereal pastels are perfect for you if your theme is a fairy forest.

Using geometric patterns, pastel colors and adding texture through wallpapers or décor that have a cottage-core aesthetic is a great way to make a light, airy and bright living room.

Alternatively, try to incorporate a few darker pastels to ensure that your space doesn’t feel flat. Add wildflowers in vases and/or wildflower plants around your home.

Choosing vases in bright shades like pastel yellow, which reminds you of sunshine, or dark green that reminds you of the forest will add to the texture.



Windows are your best friend when it comes to a biophilic living room. They add natural day light which is amazing for you as well as your plants, make the space feel bigger than it is and brightens up the entire room.

Go for the floor to ceiling windows or big windows (south facing are the best for getting the maximum sunlight) and use linen or sheer curtains to make the space feel open. Alternatively, you can opt for skylights if you don’t have space to add windows or the room is tight.

If you have good views, you can make your window the focal point of the room rather than technology. Having a wooden trim around your window can add a small detail that can make your space shine and feel luxurious.

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