8 Inspiring Ideas to Decorate a Small Condo

Are you excited to move into your new condo? Of course, you are. And the good news is that if your condo is small, it should be even easier to decorate than a large one.

After all, since you don’t have much space to fill, you will only need a few pieces of furniture and decorative items to create a stunning and cohesive decor.

On the other hand, someone who moves into a very large home might be tempted to fill all the space available with furniture and accessories, resulting in a cluttered and overwhelming look if they don’t do it right.

But this won’t happen to you! Learn how to decorate a small condo with these eight inspiring tips.

1- Start by Giving it Some Thought

If your small condo is empty, you start with a clean slate. This is even more true if all the walls are white.

Before you rush to buy new furniture or accessories, consider the type of decor you want to live in. Would you prefer the simplicity of minimalist decor or a colourful and eclectic decor that will allow you to fully express your personality?

Search for photos online to get some inspiration for your small condo. In addition, as ecological products are gaining popularity, going with one is a smart move. For example, opting for Eco-Friendly Furniture Collections can enhance sustainability efforts and help offset your carbon footprint. Ultimately, this approach offers benefits for both the environment and human health.

2- Choose Furniture that Serves more than One Purpose

Choose furniture that serves more than one purpose
source: bhg.com

To avoid overcrowding your small condo, you should not have too many pieces of furniture. The trick is to choose furniture that serves more than one purpose.

Chair beds for small spaces are comfortable chairs that can double as ideal guest beds. You could also get a bench that doubles as a storage chest, a console table that can be used as a working desk, or a floor lamp with a small bookshelf.

3- Decorate your Walls with the Right Colours

It’s perfectly fine to keep the walls of your small condo white if you want a modern or airy look. However, avoiding dark colours is best if you want to paint your walls. While these look sophisticated and elegant, they make a room seem smaller.

Instead, opt for bright or light colours. Choose hues that make you feel good and relaxed or help you focus, depending on the room you are painting.

4- Experiment With Patterns or Textures

patterns or textures
source: gtv.com

On top of painting your walls, you can decorate your small condo with colourful accessories. It’s also a good idea to experiment with patterns or textures.

Look for area rugs, cushions, curtains, or artwork presenting patterns or textures that complement your colour scheme. You can even have fun with your decor and change your accessories regularly.

Just be sure not to combine too many patterns or textures unless you aim for an eclectic look.

5- Choose One Focal Point in Each Room

focal point in each room-Inspiring Ideas to Decorate a Small Condo
source: thespruce.com

Choosing a focal point and arranging your decor to draw the eye to it is an easy way to create a cohesive decor. And while many people like to choose a focal point in their living room, you can do this for each room of your small condo if you want to.

A TV, a bookcase, a table, a piece of artwork, or a unique floor lamp can all make great focal points.

6- Save Some Precious Floor Space

A small condo doesn’t have a lot of floor space, but you can solve this problem by mounting a few things to the wall instead of placing them on the floor.

A few shelves stacked on a wall could replace a big bookshelf, and one single shelf could replace your bedside table. And instead of a floor lamp in your living room, you could opt for an elegant wall sconce.

7- Don’t Hesitate to Decorate with a Few Large Pieces

If you pick many small pieces of furniture, they could make the room appear crowded. On the other hand, just a few large pieces of furniture should make the room appear larger than it is. Just make sure you let each piece breathe!

The same is true about the artwork. Just one large painting on a wall could look better than a gallery wall featuring many small framed paintings.

8- Consider Covering the Floor with a Large Area Rug

floor with a large area rug
source: thespruce.com

Finally, if you want to cover your living room or bedroom floor with a beautiful area rug, consider choosing a large one. Again, a small rug will make the room look smaller than it already is, while a large rug will do the opposite.

Look for a large area rug to position all the room’s furniture. You won’t regret it.

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