Interesting Egg-House by a Chinese Designer Daihai Fei

To make a little statement and to reduce the cost of living a bit designer Daihai Fei built himself a wonderful green home. The egg-house is built on a bamboo frame, covered with various insulating materials, and is topped with a layer of stitched bag. The bags are filled with sawdust and grass seeds.  The bags themselves are filled with sawdust and grass seeds, which he sprays with water regularly, to help the grass grow faster. Inspired by the grass-covered roofs of Norway, he knows the grass will over greater protection for his home. On the inside, he has all the necessary facilities, including a bed, a small sink, a lamp powered by a small solar panel and even a tiny bookshelf.

All of these materials used are very cheap. This house is also designed to be easy to be moved. Maybe for other people, the shape is not really good to be seen, but the green house design concept adds positive value for this housing. Inside this green home project, he has some necessary furniture he needs, such as  bed, sink, bookshelf, lamp. The good point is he uses small residential solar panel to fulfill the needs of renewable energy. This solar panel is integrated in the roof. For another unavailable facilities, he uses public facilities.

Using very cheap materials the designer built his wacky-looking egg house, and after two months of living in it, he says his quality of life greatly improved. He doesn’t have to worry about paying any rent, he has enough money to go out for coffee or a soda, occasionally, and since he’s moved his egg-house right across from his workplace, he doesn’t spend anything on bus fair. If you’re wondering about Daihai’s hygiene, you should know he’s very careful with his earnings, making sure he always has enough to go swimming, every day after work, where also takes a shower.
The main point of this green house project is he can minimize the co2 emission. He place this sustainable housing near the place where he works, minimizing the co2 emission from transportation he usually used, as now he walk to the workplace. The grasses also can provide air filter. What a great idea, isn’t it ?

Updated Home
Updated Home
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