Interesting Hobbit House

Hobbit House- guest house in Trout Creek, Montana – absolutely unique. There really is a house, as if intended for visitors from the Shire. Creators of the guesthouse, Steve and Christine Michaels, spent on its construction 410 000 dollars. They themselves live in a two-story house, located across the street from pansiona. Stiv and Christine Michaels near another “hobbitskogo home” – a copy of the house Torbinsa Bilbo, the hero of the book JRR Tolkien’s “Hobbit.” One night spent in a hostel will cost $ 245. There are two bedrooms and detskaya. Syuda got into the habit to come to sleep moose – because the land, even in winter warm. The total area of building – 1,000 square feet. In addition to housing the hobbits, there are houses around fairies – the height of 12 inches  or less. They are located in the trunks of trees.

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Updated Home
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