Interior Paint Color Trends 2021: Choosing the Right Shade for Your Home

Color can have a big impact on your day-to-day emotions. How is the paint on your home’s walls making you feel?

Whether you’re looking for the best interior paint color for selling a house or just looking to spruce up your place, it’s important to choose the right hue. Even if you like bold colors, there’s a right way and a wrong way to apply them to your home.

Make sure your house looks amazing and stays on trend. Here are the five best interior paint color trends 2021 for your home.

1-) Bright Yellow

Cheerful yellow was chosen as one of Pantone’s official colors for 2021. Move beyond the mustard of years gone by and update your walls with this sunny shade.

If you’re not sure about how this bright color will look, try it on an accent wall. Keep furniture in neutral wood tones with jewel toned accent pillows.

2-) Pastel Peach

A soft, pastel peach shade can function like a neutral with a bit of pop to it. Pastel pinks and blues are great but an apricot tone is unexpected.

Use light peach paint in your children’s room. It’s a bit brighter than greens, blues, and purples yet still fun.

3-) Deep Sapphire Blue

Jewel tones are inspired colors for your home. However, if you’re looking for modern farmhouse interior paint colors, you can’t go wrong with a deep and moody blue.

Your furniture will pop against this dramatic yet comforting background color. Hire pros like Metro Painting to make sure this dark shade goes on smoothly and evenly.

4-) Bright Natural Green

The beautiful leaves on trees and bushes are nature’s neutral. Bring that bright color indoors and see how great it looks on your walls.

If you really want to freshen your home up, green will lift your spirits and bring the outdoors inside. So many colors, from yellows to blues to pinks, play well with this color.
Have fun playing with your green walls. You’ll see how versatile a vibrant green can be.

5-) Bold Terracotta

Terracotta is one of the most dramatic and warm interior paint colors. However, don’t feel intimidated — it can give your space a new depth and work as a new neutral.

Think of how lovely exposed brick can be inside of a home. Terracotta or other rich, rusty red-brown shades work in the same way.

Not ready to paint an entire room this shade? Try out some soft off-white or cream trim to tone it down.

More Interior Paint Color Trends 2021

Which one of these interior paint color trends 2021 did you like the best? No matter which one you pick, your home is sure to look modern, updated, and refreshed.

If you’re really feeling inspired, try mixing and matching them. Think bold blue and bright yellow together. or pair the pastel peach with the bright green.

Start out with one small space to see if you like these colors. We’re sure you’ll be painting an entire room sooner than later once you find your best hue.

Looking for other ways to give your home a makeover? Check out our other interior design tips for ideas!

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