Interior Public Spaces In Shopping Center

Unusual institution, located in one of the malls Portuguese city of Braga, is expressive element of the interior public spaces, comfortable modern bar, coffee shop and just place a pleasant stay. Dual Zone the translucent walls of the room and at the same time, create a sense of unity viewed the premises of the space center. Futuristic form perforation pattern is a geometrization of different-coffee beans. Geometric “coffee Matrix combines three separate zones: the coffee shop to relax, meet or work with a laptop, a soft relaxation area for gourmet coffee and an outdoor playground that combines a cafe with putting the shopping center.

Design a charismatic institution aims to avoid the feeling of a closed, confined spaces. Come, drink a cup of coffee, a visitor feels the dynamics of what is happening around and at the same time, some security and comfort to create a unique contemporary feel, part of which he became for a while. Here, you can also work on your large screen laptop since there is plenty of free space in this mall. In order to create an effect of airiness and volume of the geometric “coffee bean” while retaining the structural strength, the perforated casing is made of double cafe MDF panels, painted in white. The second major liquor interior was selected contrasting color of strong, freshly brewed coffee.

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