IRWIN Tools Supporting Well-Deserved Tradesmen in America

Irwin Tools, the world leader of tool manufacturing, is making a contribution for tradesmen such as electricians, welders, and other manual laborers who have made contributions for communities nationwide. We celebrate tradesmen on Friday, September 20; it is a day known as National Tradesmen Day.

Tradesmen in America

National Tradesmen Day celebrated the dedicated hard workers in the industry. For every three tradesmen who retire, there’s only one trained person to fill his or her work boots. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than one-third of tradesmen are over age 50. A tradesman’s average age is 55. With this in mind, this shows the disinterest in skill trades in the younger generations. This is a major problem because we are continuously in need of new homes, buildings, and other structures for families, especially school age children. Education is needed to ensure that tomorrow, we will still have these types of tradesmen in the industry. Learn more by visiting the National Tradesmen Day website, Inform yourself, your family, friends, and co-workers about the importance of recognizing the hard work these tradesmen and tradeswomen put into things we take for granted each day.

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