How to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Summer is officially here. While this weather brings with it loads of fun and beach time, it also means that we need to deal with the sweltering heat when at home.

Here are several tips and tricks you can use to keep your home cool during summer.

Scheduled Maintenance For Your AC

Scheduled Maintenance For Your AC

Your air conditioning is a huge part of your home. It keeps you cool in the summer, and it helps keep your energy bills low by keeping your house at a more consistent temperature. But if you don’t take care of it, it won’t last long.

Here are some tips for keeping your AC running well:

  • Have an annual inspection by a professional technician. Cooling services are available in Forest Hills, MI
  • Check the filters regularly on all models (even if they’re supposed to have self-cleaning filters)
  • Clean the coils or condenser coil if you see dirt or other buildups

Adjust Your Ceiling Fans


When it’s hot outside, the airflow from ceiling fans helps cool your home by distributing a consistent breeze.

So next time you step into your house after work or running errands, try turning on the ceiling fan before settling down on the couch!

Seal Leaks Around Doors And Keep The Heat Out

Some of the most common places for air leaks are around doors. When you open or close a door, it can let air escape into other rooms. To stop this from happening, try these tips:

1. Apply caulk between the bottom of the door frame and the floor. This will help keep warm air from escaping through cracks around your door.

2. Apply weather stripping to any gaps between the bottom of your door and its frame. This will also help keep drafty air out of your home by creating an airtight seal around the bottom of each door. It’s important not to forget about doors that lead outside and inside!

Keep the Blinds Closed

Keeping the blinds closed is one of the easiest ways to keep your home cool this summer.

Here are a few reasons why:

Keeping the blinds closed helps keep out the sun’s heat, which can be very damaging to your home.

The air in your home will stay cooler if you don’t have any light coming in through your windows since light heats objects and surfaces.

It also prevents dust from getting in your house, which can cause allergens to spread throughout your home.

Use Natural Fabric Curtains

Fabric Curtains

Natural fabrics like cotton and linen let you enjoy the natural light that comes through them, which helps keep your home bright and cheery. They also tend to absorb more heat than synthetic materials like polyester.

This summer, try using natural fabric curtains in your house. It’s an easy way to keep your home cooler without spending a lot of money.

Cross Ventilate

Cross-ventilating will help keep your home cooler by circulating air and removing excess moisture throughout the house.

Cross-ventilation can be accomplished by opening windows on opposite sides of the house or room.


Hopefully, these tips will help you and your family to survive the heat comfortably. Even if you aren’t experiencing a hot summer, it can still be quite uncomfortable. Do try out these tips for a pleasant summer.

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