Keeping Bugs Out of Your Pool – What You Should Know

Bugs hanging around your outdoor space can be a real nuisance. They can seriously spoil your enjoyment of being outside when the sun comes out. If you are sitting around the pool, you can use bug repellent to keep the pests away but you may find yourself swimming amongst bugs that have been attracted to the pool, if you decide to take a dip.

If you are trying to decrease the number of bugs that end up in your pool, it’s a good idea to determine whether you have an infestation on your property, or whether you are simply experiencing the normal summertime issues with bugs. If you think that there are more bugs than normal around, you may want to speak to professional exterminators about having your property inspected. If the bug situation seems normal for the time of year, there are still things you can do to keep them out of your pool.

Run the Pool Pump

There are some bugs, such as mosquitoes, that love stagnant water. This is why it makes sense to keep the water moving at any time when your pool is uncovered. You can either run the pump manually every three to four hours or you can set a timer to do the job for you.

Make Sure Your Pool is Covered

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If you are not using your pool it should be covered. This not only stops bugs from getting into the pool, it also stops garden debris, such as leaves, from falling in. Another benefit of covering your pool is that the water does not evaporate as quickly. Remember to remove any water that gathers on top of the cover on a regular basis.

Use a Bug Zapper Close to Your Pool

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These zappers can be hung close your pool, to attract and kill flying insects. The insects are attracted by the light and obliterated as soon as they come into contact with the device. The downside of these zappers is that the noise they make can be irritating, if you are trying to relax outdoors in the sun.

Maintain Your Pool on a Regular Basis

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One of the best ways to keep bugs away from your pool is to make sure that it’s well maintained. You can use a professional pool service to help you with the work if you do not have enough time to do it yourself. Remove any algae from the pool as this can attract certain bugs. You should also rake the surface of the pool daily, if it’s not covered, in order to remove any debris and dead bugs from the water. Chlorine is important in helping to keep pool water clean; it also deters many bugs. The optimum level of chlorine in a pool is normally 3-4 parts per million (ppm). You should test chlorine levels each day and top up levels using tablets, granules or liquid, as detailed on the instructions for the product you use.

All of these actions can help keep bugs out of your pool and make it a clean and pleasant place to swim.

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