Kitchen Cleaning 101: Tips To Save You Money, Time, and Stress

Cleaning is a chore, but there are many benefits to a well-maintained kitchen. It’s great for savings as well as physical and mental hygiene. Your kitchen will look great, your appliances will last longer, and you will be more organized. A clean kitchen is also your first defense against pests, so you can avoid the hassle of a cockroach extermination. No bugs and no stress!

The following lists what you should be cleaning every day and every season. Some tasks simply cannot be ignored and should be done every day. Others can be done every few months, depending on how much you cook.

Daily Tasks

Here’s what you should be cleaning every day. Daily maintenance will always keep the kitchen clean, making cooking more enjoyable and saving you time in the long run.

Wash The Dishes

Wash The Dishes

Yep, you should do the dishes every day. It may not be enjoyable but having clean dishes will declutter the kitchen and make cooking more comfortable. You will always have the dishes you need to cook and there will be fewer odours in the air.

Clean The Sink

When you are done doing the dishes, wipe the sink with a cream or gel cleaner to remove grease. It will only take you a few seconds, and it will remove grease that attracts pests and dirties your dishes.

Wipe Down The Countertops

Kitchen countertops are breeding grounds for bacteria. Wipe them down when you are finished cooking or doing the dishes to remove crumbs and grease. You can also use a disinfecting wipe to really get rid of germs.

Sweep The Floor

Sweep the floor every day or two to get rid of crumbs. Mice, ants, and other pests feed on the crumbs you leave on the floor. For extra convenience, consider getting a robot vacuum that will clean the kitchen automatically every day.

Take Out The Garbage

Take Out The Garbage

The garbage in your kitchen should be emptied out at the end of the day to remove odours. If you haven’t, switch to a lidded garbage can.

Maintain Small Appliances

Your coffee maker, microwave, and toaster get dirty, too. Make sure that these are well cared for and washed on a regular basis. You should also check the walls and kitchen backsplash for splatter and grease. Simply wipe these things down with a soapy, wet sponge.

Seasonal Tasks

The following lists what you should clean every few months to extend the life of your appliances and avoid damage. Cleaning these things can save you a whole lot of trouble in the long run.

Mop The Floor

Mopping can be easily forgotten about, but, with time, the floor in your kitchen will gather stains and be covered in cooking grease. Take a few minutes to mop the floor every few weeks. Mix floor cleaner with warm water, as per the cleaner’s instructions, and scrub the floor thoroughly with a sponge or mop. You can also get a spray mop for easy, everyday mopping.

Clean The Fridge

Empty out the fridge and throw out anything that has expired. Then, disinfect the crispers and the shelves, from top to bottom. This will remove odours and make your fridge look as good as new. Put everything back in an organized fashion.

Clean The Oven

Clean The Oven

Cleaning the oven’s interior is important because it will make your food taste better and cook more efficiently. Purchase an oven cleaner from your nearest home supply store and follow the manufacturer’s directions. Some cleaners work with warm ovens to work faster. You can also use this product to clean out your toaster oven.

Vacuum Under Large Appliances

Crumbs, grease, and dust accumulate under appliances, attracting pests and dirtying the air. Pull out your appliances and vacuum everything up. Then, mop or wipe the floor down.

Organize The Pantry

Organizing the pantry might feel unnecessary, but you might be surprised at the difference it makes. Take a few minutes every season to throw out old food and put things back in order. Wipe down the shelves to remove crumbs and put loose items in jars or sealed containers.

Clean The Range Hood

Remove the range hood’s filter and soak it in hot, soapy water for 30 minutes. You can use dish detergent, laundry detergent, or degreaser. Remove the filter, then scrub it with a brush and rinse. Let the filter dry before putting it back.

Wash Filters And Drains

Take out the filter at the bottom of your dishwasher and give it a good scrub. Wash it in hot, soapy water. Your dishwasher will thank you and your dishes will come out looking cleaner. Then, unclog the drain in the kitchen sink.

Boil a pot of water, then pour it down the drain. Follow that up with a cup of baking soda and another cup or two of white vinegar. Let the mixture sit for 10 minutes, then pour another pot of boiling water down the drain.

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