Kitchen Planning Tips

Kitchen Plan

What good is a kitchen if you can’t even move around in it? There’s no point in designing your own kitchen, if the end result winds up making you stress out in your own home over dinner. If you’re bending and stretching, crouching or reaching, or having a hard time finding a spice or a utensil you need, you can wind up making cooking a miserable experience for yourself. So how do you avoid this?

You avoid this by thinking ahead. Don’t rush your kitchen plan. There’s a lot you have to think about.

Kitchen Floors

You’re going to want comfortable floors if you plan on using your kitchen for long periods of time. Tile can hurt your feet when you walk around on it, or stand by your stove for large amounts of time. You may want to consider getting bamboo flooring. The bamboo flooring gives your floor some bounce, making it easier on your feet and your legs. Other alternatives to consider could be cork flooring, rubber flooring, or wood.

Also, on top of this, having rugs throughout your kitchen will also help you feel more comfortable while you’re cooking. Place well-padded rugs by your sink, and by your stove. These are the places you’ll be standing still the most, and therefore will help keep your feet and legs from beginning to feel achy.

Your Reach

Just how tall are you really? Having high cabinets may look nice, but depending on how far you can reach, they might just wind up being a huge pain in the butt. If you need that spice up on the top shelf, you don’t want to have to go looking for your stool every time you need it. Whether you are wanting high or low kitchen cabinets, take some time to decide which styles you like by looking at online resources like Kitchen Cabinet Depot.

If you have the opportunity to design your kitchen, keep your height in mind. If you’re shorter, maybe have more drawers than cabinets for better access.

Electrical Considerations

Having lots of easy to access outlets are a great and convenient thing to have in your kitchen. This way you can plug in every appliance you may have, such as your coffee maker, toaster, and more.

Not to mention, intelligently placed outlets can provide needed space to hook up your mobile device or computer in the kitchen. Try installing outlets into your kitchen island. This will provide a lot of space for you and your family members to work inside the kitchen with you on their own projects.

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