Best Tips For Leather Upholstery Cleaning And Maintenance

A leather couch looks better than a material one, feels nicer, and is much more durable. In short, it’s a great investment. But, like all investments, you need to look after it. Learning how to clean and maintain your leather upholstery is the most effective way to ensure it lasts for years.

It should be noted that, alongside the following tips, it’s a good idea to get you to enlist the professionals in Leather Upholstery Cleaning and have them clean your couch once a year. This will be a deeper and more thorough clean and will help your couch to continue looking its best.

Vacuum Regularly

Vacuum Regularly

It’s up to you how often you vacuum your leather couch. The frequency depends on how often the couch is used and whether you eat on it or not. If you eat while sitting on the couch it’s best to vacuum it every day. You’ll need to use a soft brush that’s designed for use with leather.

This will remove all the crumbs and other debris that can cause abrasive damage to your couch and attract mould.

Dust Your Couch

Dust Your Couch-Leather Upholstery Cleaning

Another thing you should be doing every time you vacuum is dusting your couch. It’s best to use a microfibre cloth as this attracts dust and debris. A cloth can be a great way of removing debris in places that are hard to reach.

At worse, it will loosen the debris, allowing the vacuum to suck it up.

Deal With Spills Immediately

Deal With Spills Immediately-Leather Upholstery Cleaning

Any spill can cause a stain on your leather couch which can be very difficult to remove. If something is spilt you should immediately cover the area with a clean cloth. Do not rub the area, simply dab and the cloth will absorb much of the liquid.

You will then be able to add a little bicarbonate of soda to the spill and leave it for several minutes. The bicarb attracts moisture and will help to draw liquid out of the couch. If this doesn’t remove all of the spill you can repeat the process.

It’s also worth investing in some leather sofa cleaner. But, before you use it on your couch you’ll want to verify that it is safe to do so. Some cleaners can cause the colour to fade or even run. Make sure you test it on an inconspicuous area first.

Keep It Dry

Leather couches prefer to stay dry. If not, they will attract mould which can cause an array of health issues as well as damage the look of the couch.

You should check the humidity levels in your room and make sure they are low enough not to cause an issue for the couch. If humidity levels are high you’ll need to look into why and, while you’re investigating, add a dehumidifier to the room. It will help to keep your leather couch looking and feeling fantastic.

Don’t forget, you can get a leather couch polishing compound. It’s a great way to restore shine and help to protect it against spills. But, again, you’ll want to test it before using it.


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