Life in Franklin, TN: What’s It Like?

Franklin is hands down one of the top small towns in America. It is a beautiful suburb in the south part of Nashville, Tennessee that has attracted many people to relocate there.

Moving to a new town is a huge life-changing event, much more complicated than moving to a different neighborhood.

You must consider many factors to find a perfect place to call your new hometown. In this article, we will share everything you need to know, specifically about what life is like in Franklin, TN.

Where is Franklin, Tennessee?


Nashville is in Davidson County, and although Franklin is located in Nashville, it actually belongs to Williamson County.

Downtown Franklin is located approximately 22 miles from downtown Nashville. This makes it a convenient drive, which probably takes 30 minutes on the highway.

(Note: Freeways and highways are known as interstates in Nashville.)

Things to know about Franklin, TN

Franklin, TN has a whole different vibe. Let’s now look at the things you need to know before deciding to move here.

Keep in mind that Franklin might be close to Nashville, but both cities are entirely different from each other. In this article, you’ll learn about the flavors of Franklin and much more.

1. The History of Franklin, Tennessee


Franklin, TN has a rich history and culture that needs to be talked about at first. This gorgeous town was founded in 1799, and was the site of two major Civil War battles that took place in 1863 and 1864.

There are great places you can visit to experience the culture from that time in Franklin, such as the Carter House, Lotz House, and the Carnton plantation. Each of these tours takes you back to that Civil War era.

If you notice carefully, you may even come across some walls with bullet holes and blood-stained floors. American history at its best.

2. Franklin has great outdoor activities

This is the fun part for outdoor lovers. This suburb is full of magnificent shades of green all year round.

The area has great options for outdoor activities throughout the year. In every season, there are breathtaking views of rolling hillsides and pastures, ideal for outdoorsy people.

For families raising kids, again, living in Franklin, TN is definitely worth it. This town is full of life.

Did we mention that there is live music everywhere? You’re bound to fall in love with the romance in the air while walking in the streets.

Residents are able to enjoy the beauty of Tennessee during all four seasons, with unlimited activities such as sports, family picnics, school activities, biking, hiking, riding horses, etc. There’s a popular dog park too for pet owners.

3. Downtown Franklin has a lot to offer

Living in Franklin, TN means you are going to experience big parades, festivals, and many other events.

Small town, big personalities. People here love to go out and enjoy the bright sunny days and cooler evenings.

Franklin is downright friendly and hospitable. You’ll definitely settle down in no time. In fact, many people who have moved from different towns or states have expressed that they feel more at home here than anywhere else.

The credit truly goes to the people of the town. It’s what binds everyone and everything together, here in Franklin.

Let’s talk about food. There are some excellent Southern food places that are sure to win your heart.

If you enjoy brunching with friends and family, you’ll love the little cafes and antique stores that are very popular among Frankliners.

You never know, you may find rare pieces at the boutique stores to decorate your living room.

4. The locals enjoy showcasing their state pride

One thing that makes Franklin stand out from other suburbs of Nashville is the pride. Most of the places showcase state flags, giving you a feeling of entitlement.

Did you know that Tennessee is called the ‘Volunteer State’? Tennessee is known as the place where 1,500 soldiers joined the Civil War voluntarily. Again, a piece of history that makes Tennessee one of a kind.

Every time a crisis has hit the Nashville area, the people of the community have always lent a hand of help and support. Tennesseans are known for their unity and state pride that brings everyone together.

Because of the community values they share, downtown Franklin has some great historic buildings, such as beautiful churches whose architecture is still intact.

Living in Franklin is phenomenal not just for its history, but for enjoying the simple things in life.

Generations of history and culture have been passed on for the current residents to experience. It is a spectacular feeling being able to call Franklin, TN your home.


We’ve talked about some of the major things you need to know about moving to Franklin. We have discussed the richness in culture and history and the people.

We have also highlighted why living in Franklin, TN is an excellent choice for families raising children.

There are unlimited recreational and schooling options, as well as more. But what’s more important is the affordable property prices, especially if you are buying a home.

We highly recommend you explore your options in Franklin, TN. Good luck on your next adventure.

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