Are Shared Living Places Comfortable Enough for Students?

Starting college or university is stressful enough, without the added worry of where to stay and if you will be safe and happy, but finding suitable accommodation is something you have to do. Affordable coliving spaces are worth considering, as they provide a lot of additional benefits, besides cost-saving. While college dorms typically provide minimal space and added extras, coliving offers you most of what you need and could expect to pay, in one neat bundled price. This includes all utilities, some additional services, and events and activities hosted by the coliving space providers.

The Benefits of Coliving for Students

There are a variety of shared living spaces on the market, with different price points and offerings. If you’re weighing up your options and you are deciding between staying in an on-campus dorm or renting an apartment or coliving space off-campus, keeping the following factors in mind will help you make the right choice for you.

  • Plenty of Personal Space & Shared Space

Generally, college dorms are quite small and can be on the claustrophobic side when you consider that you are sharing it with at least one other students. On the other hand, coliving rooms are furnished, spacious and comfortable, and many even include their own ensuite. Besides your personal space, coliving homes generally feature roomy communal rooms and entertainment areas, studies fully equipped with office supplies, a fully kitted kitchen, and more.

  • Location, Location, Location

Living on campus means being constantly surrounded by fellow students and teachers, which is not for everyone. Coliving spaces are typically ideally situated in spots which are easily accessible via public transport, and are close by to local shopping, dining and entertainment districts, giving you the chance to explore the city life outside of college. Now depending on the location where you are going to stay, you might need Renters insurance since it is a good protection for many students and is quite affordable.

  • Creature Comforts

Because coliving spaces centralizes costs and saves all its members down by pooling their resources, everyone can afford to enjoy more luxuries than they ordinarily would be able to afford on their own. By contributing only slightly more to their rent per month, residents can enjoy the cleaning and laundry services, WiFi, prepped meals, and organized events and activities that dorm life just doesn’t offer. Coliving spaces are very focused on bonding and building relationships between its members, and communal living areas are furnished with modern tech, big screen TVs, and gaming consoles to encourage socializing; luxuries like these usually carry a hefty price tag and varsity roomies aren’t usually game on splitting the bill.

  • Independence

For university students who value their independence and are not really looking for the on campus experience, but crave more real world experience after school, coliving is the suitable alternative which won’t break your bottom line. Without throwing them in the deep end and having to deal with all the costs and responsibilities involved with renting an apartment, coliving spaces provide students the opportunity to spread their wings and grow as individuals, as well as a supportive environment to assist them with all their needs. Featured Image Source: Wikipedia

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