Los Angeles Home Decor Styles

Many design trends are born in California, thanks in part to discerning homeowners and the interior designers who work with them. While styles can range from traditional and formal to contemporary and casual, interior design in Los Angeles looks to the natural surroundings and cultural environment for its inspiration. Consider these three Los Angeles home décor styles and what defines them to see which one may appeal to your taste.

The Warmth of the Desert

desert houseImage Source: Wikimedia

To the east of the California coast lie the Mohave, Colorado, and Great Basin Deserts. The desert landscape, with pale, neutral tones and warm, natural materials, is the inspiration behind this design style. The color palette works well with modern touches as well as rustic accents, and any concept may include an element of nature – think palms and succulents – as way to bring some of the outside in.

Hit the Coast

coastal designImage Source: Pixabay

Coastal design continues to be popular with Beverly Hills interior designers and homeowners. The beach motif takes on a sophisticated air, thanks to open, airy arrangements, pale sand, blue, and green color schemes, and comfortable but elegant furnishings. The combination lends a luxury resort atmosphere to a home environment, which can make every day feel like a vacation. Coastal chic is elegant, not kitschy, with an emphasis on simplicity and style rather than nautical or beachy decorations.

Uniquely You

unique home designImage Source: Flickr

Another trend popular with Los Angeles homeowners is modern design with an eclectic twist. Modern design is the same as contemporary, which features more fluid lines and present-day appeal, whereas modern refers more to the mid-twentieth century. The clean, straight lines and Scandinavian influences lean themselves towards a minimalistic approach, but the design style also allows for one or two unusual or attention-grabbing features to provide a personal touch.

To learn more about home décor that reflect your lifestyle in Los Angeles, you should consult with an interior designer who has worked with homeowners in the area. A professional can help you not only with layout and color palettes but also with suggestions and procurement of those conversation pieces that appeal to you.

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