Luxurious Trends For 2021

There are trends to suit everybody throughout 2021, from colour advocates, neutral tone enthusiasts, minimalist approaches, and those with a love of patterns. Your interior can even combine the use of sustainable materials which is an ever-growing trend this season. This is a perfect way to enjoy your unique touches and celebrate your individuality within your home for all to enjoy. With many of us hoping to get away and enjoy a different scene, what better way to change the scenery than updating your interior décor to the latest trends of 2021.



For those of you that are enthusiastic about your colour schemes and quirky furnishings, taking the maximalist approach is the way for you. You can focus your energy and vibrancy into your décor and colourful furnishings. You can look to combining contrasting patterns with one or two grounding colours that will ultimately pull the décor in together to work in a beautiful way. Look into Couture Living for different fabrics and patterns to inspire your creativity


The minimalist approach combines modern interior design with using the bare minimal to create a beautiful, uncluttered space with a neutral colour palette, clean cut finishes and accent colouring. Quality over quantity really stands the ground here with the minimalist approach so if you’re a little bit of a décor and accessory hoarder then the minimalist approach isn’t for you. Contemplate experimenting with various textures in similar tones throughout your living space, without realising you’re actually breaking up the space in your home beautifully without over doing it by sticking to the minimalist theme.

Sculptural Furniture

Sculptural furniture takes centre stage in the home and if you’re the artistic type this is perfect for your interior space. Curved furniture really is inviting to look at, as well as carrying its uses. You’re able to lounge around and enjoy your space whilst living amongst elegant furnishings that are a real focal point to any room. You can pair the sculptural furniture with the minimalist approach to interior design as this ties in beautifully together to create a luxury finish to your home.

Combining Patterns

Firstly, you need to determine what sort of look you’re wanting to achieve inside your home before you approach the combination of patterns. You should also try to look into combining a variation of pattern sizes, for example, mix and match one large print with a smaller print so the contrast runs harmoniously rather than clashing.


As a rule of thumb, you want to use between two and three patterns in a room of all different sizes. Mixing and matching large pattern with large pattern and small pattern with small pattern just won’t work. You want to consider prints such as polka dot, floral and stripe together or plaids and florals. If this isn’t to your taste, you can look at paisley and herringbone as a beautiful contrast in patterns.Combining-Patterns

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