Luxury Apartments in Barcelona: All about Barcelona Home Interior

If you are in search of Luxury apartments in Barcelona, ​ ​ Spain, then you need to get in touch with Alberto Rovira and Benito Escat, who are renowned home interior designers. They together have designed some the best luxury apartment houses in Barcelona. Their home update ideas are extremely unique and they are capable of turning even a dilapidated shelter or a stable into a magnificent, grand modern apartment. They specialize in designing urban apartments and lofts.

Recently, they have renovated and converted a ramshackle stable, into a contemporary extravagant apartment. They gave the huge space entirely a new look, which is fashionable and modern in nature. The complete area of the loft is about 800 square meters. The Luxury apartments in Barcelona are triangular in shape and is separated into two different levels. Both the levels have distinct home interiors, which give each of them an exclusive look.

The high ceilings and the huge interior space give the apartment a classic look and home gadgets and furniture that are placed in the room, perfectly complements the home interior. The furniture and the fittings selected by the two designers are extremely interesting and they tend to make the rooms look more out of the ordinary. They also prevent the rooms from appearing monotonous and boring. Each room has a décor of a distinctive style, with unique set of home gadgets. This kind of Luxury apartments in Barcelona is the perfect choice for young couples or creative

Updated Home
Updated Home
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