The modern building architecture design from Vitus Bering Innovation Park designed by C. F. Møller Architects can be perfect inspiration for us to create our dream construction design. Amazing and innovative office designs idea with luxury minimalist interior decorating design. This modern office architectural built in 1970 which is the campus of University College Vitus Bering located in Horsens, Denmark. The creative Innovation building is planned to sit on a brick base that is a direct continuation of the existing complex’ structural design, but from there on it is distinctly different and unique. The basic floor plan of the building is a simple and flexible layout, to allow the integration of numerous uses and adaptations. The large and dynamic green stairway element leads to common meeting facilities and a roof terrace with a beautiful view of the Horsens Fjord. The stairs land in a different position on each level, thus activating the entire atrium as the central hub of the building. The atrium is covered by a dynamic, diagonally split roof-plane with circular skylights, of which one half forms the common roof terrace.

The Vitus Bering Innovation Park is an office complex located in Horsens, Denmark and it was designed by C. F. Møller Architects. This office building has spiral shape that reflects the building’s dynamic and innovative character. The movement can be seen on the facades by the glazing strips that stretch towards the sky across the six storeys of the building. Inside the building, the main staircase in green fibre cement runs in a spiral form between the storeys in the unifying internal atrium. This energy efficiency can be achieved by highly insulating windows and extra insulation on all of the building’s external surfaces. The building’s intelligent air conditioning system is also taking an important role in low energy consumption. The air conditioning system adjusts itself according to the number of people present in each individual room.


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