Housing Maintenance Costs of Luxury Real Estate in Spain

The sunny kingdom of Spain has a concentration of pleasant climate, high level of life, various impressive architectural attractions, pristine nature, and stylish houses.

Spain is the second country in the world for the number of cities on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the third country for natural areas designated as biosphere reserves, and the first for the number of Blue Flag beaches in the entire northern hemisphere.

Such vivid benefits welcome investors and businessmen from every corner of the world. As a rule, they prefer to invest in the most stable industry – real estate. Property for sale in Spain in 2022 reaches its peak and offers significant returns to house owners.

Spain as a Country for Investment and Permanent Residence

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Considering moving to another country, there is a list of issues to think through. Choice of property for investment requires deep contemplating as well. The usual list of necessary issues is the following:

  • Obligatory documents
  • Location of place of desired residence
  • Costs for living and the available budget
  • Objects of infrastructure (schools, universities, hospitals, entertainment)
  • Taxes and obligatory payments.

In case you have a strong idea of becoming an owner of a luxury apartment or spacious villa in a European country, you should get a clear understanding of how much you will have to spend on it. In other words, the first thing to pay attention to is the housing maintenance costs and the possibility of a house owner to cover them.

Utility Charges on Real Estate in Spain

Utility Charges on Real Estate in Spain-Maintenance Costs of a Luxury house in Spain
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Thanks to the climate of the region, people in Spain are not familiar with low winter temperatures. Warm weather all year round allows residents to use small portable electric heaters. Southern regions even do not use central heating in winter. This greatly influences the final maintenance costs.

Water and Electricity

Payments for water and electricity supply are significantly higher. The sum includes a monthly fee and meter readings.

Monthly fee is an obligatory payment. Even if you have a Golden residence permit and you do not live in Spain for more than a year, you will have to pay the established cost. The average cost is 15 euro for water and 15 euro for electricity in a quarter.

Meter readings set the final cost. 16% ADS should be added to the final figures.

Gas and Heating

If you need gas for common things, like cooking, one cartridge is enough for almost two months. It costs about 10 euro. In case you use gas for heating the house, you will have to pay more than 100 euro depending on the footage.

Television and Internet

Spanish providers offer a wide range of versatile options for any taste and need. You can choose different variants and tariffs at the best price. In general, the price does not exceed 50 euro in a month.

The maintenance costs of real estate in Spain

There is no set price for maintenance. It is influenced by the location of a housing option, the prestige of an area, amenities offered, footage, and some other characteristics. Besides, the payments to the management company should be added. They include the following functions:

  • Cleaning of the common territory
  • Pool and playgrounds cleaning
  • Watering plants
  • Lawn mowing
  • Concierge fees.
  • Depending on the size of your house and available amenities, you will have to pay up to 1000 euro for maintenance facilities.
  • Taxes on real estate in Spain
  • Municipal tax is counted from the cadastral costs of the object. The payment is performed once a year and its amount depends on the municipality. Income tax for residents and non-residents differ and are estimated by a specialized governmental organization. Personal property tax is obligatory when you purchase a property of more than 700000 euro.

Website to Find a Perfect Property in Spain

Visiting the Spain-Real.Estate potential customers are offered to explore the list of beneficial housing options. The professional team communicates with specialists to get the detailed information on each variant. If you want to know more about the desired locality, terms of transactions, apartment, villa or their maintenance cost, do not hesitate to go to the website and contact the representative.

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