5 Secrets to Make your Small Garden look Bigger and Brighter

In these times when houses are becoming smaller and more cramped, having a garden is a luxury. However, a garden is necessary to make your small house look brighter and more lively. It can change the whole outlook of your home. But the problem here is not having enough space for a proper garden. Most people have to make do with 40 square meters of outdoor space. Naturally, they opt for a patio instead of investing in a garden.

Ways to Make your Small Garden look Bigger

A patio has decidedly fewer plants that don’t require maintenance, with more furniture and appliances to make the space functional. Sure, a patio has its merits, but the advantages of a small garden are nothing to take for granted. A small garden means having a diverse collection of plants. These plants can be both, ornamental or medicinal. You can also grow cooking herbs and vegetables as well. A small garden allows you a private place where you can completely relax and take your mind off of stressful things.

That said, it is actually not easy to landscape a small area for a garden. At best, you’ll require professional help. But we have some secret tips for you that will allow you to make the most out of your small garden. Take a look at them.

Hide the Enclosing Walls

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Unless you live in a huge mansion, chances are your small house has enclosing walls around the boundary. These are the biggest hurdle in the way of your ideal garden. The walls make space look cramped and congested. Even if you decorate it well, the result at best would be suffocating. That’s why you need to hide these walls.

The best way to do so is to add creeper plants in your garden. These will grow along the walls and make the area look greener. More plants mean space will have an illusion of airiness and spaciousness. You can also color the walls in bright paint to mask their looming presence.

Choose Flowers to Suit the Atmosphere

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Having the right flowers and plants can do wonders for your small garden. You can use different kinds of plants to create an atmosphere in the garden. For example, having bright colored flowers such as red, purple, orange creates an intimate atmosphere. On the other hand, light-colored flowers such as white, pink, yellow make space look open and wider.

Some good choice would be Rosa Carpet Flowers, a low maintenance variation of the traditional rose. It is available in colors like pink, white, gold and coral. Another great suggestion is CornusKousa, a native Asian plant with glossy green leaves and creamy white flowers. What makes this an ideal choice is that the leaves turn bright red and purple in fall, meaning you can get both looks with one plant. Bright and airy in summer, cozy and warm in winters.

Lighten the Mood with a Water Feature

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A water feature is a must for any garden. And while small gardens don’t have the luxury of a pond or swimming pool, it is still possible to incorporate a water feature. The easiest way to do this is by adding a small water fountain. If that’s out of your budget, you can place an aquarium outdoors. You can also DIY a tiny waterfall. All you need is some strategically placed earthen bowls or vessels and a water circuit.

Downsize the Outdoor Furniture

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Most outdoor furniture tends to be bulky and large, such as wooden benches or tree logs. While they do look stunning, they’re not very sustainable. They are not resistant to weather elements such as rain and humidity. Not to mention how easy it is for termites and pests to damage them. For more information on pest control, click here.

The right furniture for small gardens, however, is equally small and light. Stay away from furniture that takes up a lot of room. Opt for furniture that is see-through, such as Acapulcochairs, hanging swings or metal wire chairs. It won’t obstruct your view, creating the illusion of a wider space.

Nurture the Garden Habitat

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Another way to make your small garden look bigger and brighter is to nourish the birds and insects living there. Since birds are the living symbol of freedom, nothing can make space appear more open and wider than birds flying around. The sweet chirping of the birds also has a refreshing effect on the mind. Flowers also attract a lot of butterflies, without which, a garden is incomplete.

However, it takes a bit of work to attract birds and insects. But you don’t have to make elaborate plans to catch exotic creatures. Try to nurture the natural habitat of your small garden. Taking proper care of the plants should be your priority. Also, ensure that the birds have a place to sleep. If you don’t have a tree, hanging a birdhouse from a pole is a fair alternative.

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