How To Make Your Home Look And Feel Brighter

In order to achieve having a lighter and more open home, you should try to avoid painting deep dark colors on the walls. If you’ve got a feature wall in red or burnt orange, for example, then it’s a good idea to paint over it in white or cream in time for the summer. If you’re unwilling to see color removed completely, then think about having some small pieces of vibrant art on the wall. Choose light colors wherever you can, and in whatever scenario. Bedding should be kept simple and plain in white or cream, and pillows, cushions, and blankets should also follow suit. If you do wish to add a splash of color here and there, then add a bouquet of red, orange, or yellow flowers.

Simple Routine

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Make throwing open blinds and curtains part of your usual daily routine. Window coverings should be pushed back as far as they’ll go, and if you live in a house with small and narrow windows, you should toy with the idea of having them replaced with new ones. If your budget permits, then consider installing larger windows with Window Installation Fort Worth, or sliding glass doors. Try to avoid leaving blinds half open, and leaning objects up against the frames from the inside too.

Encourage Natural Light

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Do you very best to encourage natural light to filter into your home, and look towards your windows in order to make the most of them. You should remove any heavy drapes you have hanging, and swiftly replace them with blinds in either white or cream. Open your windows first thing in the morning to allow fresh air to circulate around your home, and clean both the inside and the outside of the window frames to remove dirt and general grime. If you have trees and bushes growing just outside and obscuring some of the light, then make a concentrated effort to trim them and cut them back.


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Mirrors reflect the light that enters a room and bounces it around the surfaces. They allow a room to appear larger, brighter, and more open than it actually is. Consider hanging some mirrors at eye-level height and opposite windows around your home, and opposite other mirrored surfaces such as closet doors, and glass cabinets. Chrome and metal finishing also works much the same way, as do glass tables, for example. If you’re serious about making your home brighter, then search for coffee tables with glass tops, small chests of drawers with silver finishing, and other pieces of furniture with metal legs.

Light Colors

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Having a penchant for dark colored mahogany furniture isn’t particularly going to help your cause here. Of course, you can still keep hold of your beloved pieces, but think about moving them to the sides of the room if they’re currently more of a focal point than anything else. You can drape white cloth or linen over furniture, and reupholster chairs in a more appropriate fashion if you know they’re going to clash with the feel of the room once you’ve made an effort to make it feel brighter.

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