How to Maximize The Life of Your Water Heater

Often, the dysfunction of your water heater is combined with or caused by a plumbing fault. To maximize the use and make your heater durable, employ the service of a professional plumber Sydney to fix your plumbing issues. In most homes, water heaters aren’t particularly paid attention to. Most people only make purchases.

They are less concerned about its maintenance and modes of use so far it serves its purpose. Well, this may not always be the case. You can experience a breakdown at any moment if you do not use it appropriately.

On average, the lifespan of an ideal water heater is usually between 10 and 15 years with optimal maintenance. Yours may not last this long due to some factors.

In the next highlights, you’ll see various ways you can maximize the life of your water heater.


Frequently apply Water Softeners

Water softeners help to reduce the contents of minerals in your water. This is more efficient if your house is supplied with hard water. Mineral deposits settling in your water heater might threaten its longevity in the long run.

Flush the Tank

This is a periodic maintenance process that should be done within short intervals of months. Flushing of your Heater frees it from substances like dirt and debris. In doing this, you’ll need a large supply of water to make the process effective.

Insulate Your Heater’s Pipes

Around your heater, in your bathroom, install insulations that link the heater pipes to the bathroom pipes. Also, these insulations should be properly fitting to your heater pipes. In periods like the dry season or summertime, your heater pipe isn’t affected by condensation when this is in place.

Constantly Examine The Anode Rod

As a protective coat for your tank, this prevents your water heater tank from rusting. This quality makes it a contributor to the effective running of your heater.

If you run hard water in your apartment, you may always need to check the rod for a possible mineral coating. Examples are calcium and magnesium. A calcium coat calls immediately for its replacement to preserve your heater’s function.

Adjust the Temperature When Necessary

It becomes necessary for you to adjust your heater’s temperature if you are away from your home. In such scenarios, ensure the temperature is at its lowest. When you are around, make sure the temperature is in range and always regulate it to maximize its usage.

Employ The Service of a Professional for Technical Maintenance


A professional comes into play when it comes to the technical parts of maintaining your water heater. For example, you may not be able to test the pressure-relief valve by yourself. Employing the service of a professional will make this process easier and more efficient.

Also, a professional tends to look out for things you may not be attentive to. They check for pipe leaks at joints and cracks that can cause flooding and other damages.

The maintenance of your water heater shouldn’t be trivialized. Frequent checks should be ensured to make it last longer and also cost-effective.

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