Mod Seat From An Old Gas Stove, Household Items

Nothing could be easier: get a bunch of junk, a couple of months on it pokolduyte – and voila, you have exclusive furniture. Do you want an unusual design chair? In the presence of talent and a knack of easily available can build a little chair – all the familiar drop dead from envy. Well, if the farm is a useless old cooker, it can turn … correctly, in the chair-couch Lounge in an Oven, as did the designers of the union WayOutHere.

Despite the fact that the oven gas, still it is associated with us with a warm and homey feel, especially in winter when you want to freeze – yes to the lights, brew a hot cup of coffee Yes, yes eat a hot meal … But if the stove is capable only of the fact that take up space in the kitchen, garage or attic, why would it not serve faithfully as a chair?
The author of this project calls himself Andy and owns an online store on Etsy, where, in fact, one could see, and if desired, and obtain the said furniture. Redesign of the former trash and turning it into an infinitely more attractive and functional – the card of this author, judging from its assortment of shops.

Thus, the stove-chair Lounge in an Oven. The assembled – truly one-in-one old gas stove, similar to that which still stands in some homes of our citizens. But should only do a simple trick like this stove at the moment turns into the seat, hopefully, easy to use, because there is an opportunity to stretch my legs, lean back and even take a nap. There is even a small stand for a cup of tea and plates of food – in case the owner of this piece of furniture hungry.
Alas, how much is a seat, know it is not possible, because in the middle of January 2011 it was sold, and now decorate someone’s living room, attic or loggia ..

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Updated Home
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