The Modern 14th Century Mansion

The exquisite that you see now was on the brink dying alone after being abandoned for about 15 years. The house was originally very beautiful. However, when is current owners first saw it, it was a disaster. Nevertheless, they instantly fell in love with it and bought it the same day. It was a very bold move from their part and nobody else shared their enthusiasm at the time.

They were proud of their acquisition and were certain that they could bring it back to life and restore its original beauty. Its owners bought the house for $3,000,000. They were impressed not only by the house itself that was quite disturbing-looking at the time, but also by the beautiful garden and orchard from the property. They knew they could successfully modernize the house and they were very excited to spend time in the garden and paddock. The location was indeed charming, in West Alvington, United Kingdom.


suhail ajmal
suhail ajmal
Suhail is a father of three who loves nurturing them day and night. Profession wise he is a recruitment consultant with strong interposal skills. He likes to share his tough life experiences with the world and save people from those troubles he had to run into.

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