Modern Architecture and Design of Perfect by Xoio

This stunning contemporary architecture and interior let in bright, spacious house, situated on a beautiful green area, the diversity of the surrounding housing and the nature of the nearby urban environment. Light, airy building – the result of a collaboration of experts from the architectural studio Xoio – professional supplier of creative visualization and animation. A small selection of images of interiors, designed studio offers many creative ideas and effective solutions to the organization of living space – both urban and suburban. Huge windows, curved walls, alternating with more functionality straight clean lines and colors that give the interior fine lines and smooth transitions from function to dream of comfort and security to open and merge with the surrounding world. This beautiful white house resembles a cruise ship, and his colorful and modern living conditions diluted fun elements and bright splashes of color, energizing the energy of its inhabitants, every new day, recalling the way to live it.

Updated Home
Updated Home
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