Modern Bathroom Design Trends

Bathrooms are more than just practical spaces, especially in 2022. We appreciate the value of relaxation, getting away from the hustle and bustle (even if just for a moment!), and creating an ambiance that promotes health and rejuvenation.

Modern bathroom design trends in recent years have a clear trajectory: mimicking the spa experience as closely as possible, even in compact spaces. With the right investment, even if small, you can create a mini oasis to help you unwind.

The ‘Secret’ Spa Tip: Your Showerhead

Secret’ Spa Tip

When you are in a spa hotel, it’s the shower experience that really makes the difference. You don’t exactly know why, but stepping into that shower is like being transported to a tropical getaway. You’re not under a regular shower, but a glorious waterfall.

The secret sauce is simple and inexpensive, but the results are oh-so luxurious: the showerhead. This year, more and more households are going for the square hotel-esque showerhead, which mimics that 5-star indulgence. This is what sets the ‘regular’ bathroom apart from the modern spa experience.

It can make or break your bathroom, so make sure you take some time when looking for and selecting your showerhead. Considering how much of an impact a simple showerhead can have and just how low-cost it can be, we suggest you invest in a solid product. You can get a very decent showerhead for under $100; is it really worth skimping and going for a $10 version instead?

Trust us, you’ll notice the difference.

Kick the Curb to the Curb

In 2022, we’re saying goodbye to borders. People are looking for that seamless transition to the shower, without pesky doors or baths. There are several advantages to this:

  • More space.
  • Less expensive.
  • More accessible (you can easily sit, for instance).
  • It just looks nicer.
  • Far easier to clean.

Again, it’s really all about giving that next-level look and feel. Together with a square showerhead with plenty of kick, you’re in spa heaven.

Go XL With Your Bathtub


Not a fan of the curbless shower? No problem, because the alternative trend is almost the exact opposite. That’s the big bathtub; we’re talking basically oversized.

This is, in the first instance, for its aesthetic value. The bathtub essentially becomes a statement piece, the first thing you see when you walk into the bathroom. And of course, it’s far nicer to have a proper bath in one of these.

Modern bathtubs are just too small. Just think of those classic Hollywood bathtub scenes. That’s what you’re going for (minus the horror movie scenes!), not the mini tubs most people have today.

The downside is obvious, the sheer amount of space this will take. These tubs are also not cheap, so you will have to be prepared to fork out a large portion of your budget on one of these. However, if you have the cash and space, you’ll be the envy of your friendship circle.

Flexible Lighting

Flexible Lighting

The traditional bathroom tends to have a single lighting option. Some will have an additional light with the mirror, but that’s as far as it goes. When you’re spending so much time and money on this room, why not give yourself a few more options?

Let’s set the scene. Your bath is perfect, just ready for relaxation after a rough day at work. The soothing music is playing, let’s forget about the world. The problem? The lights are super bright, almost to the point of being offensive.

Conversely, when you’re getting ready in the morning and you’re applying your make-up, the last thing you want is mood lighting that doesn’t let you capture the details.

Instead, give yourself plenty of options. Think about installing a dimmer switch, for example. And have high-quality lighting options inbuilt with your custom made mirrors by Gatsby Glass company, allowing you to do all your grooming and self-care with the brightness you need.

Follow You, Not Trends

These trends can give you ideas, but they should never dictate how you redecorate your space. After all, it’s yours. You’re best placed to know what will work for you and your family, and exactly what kind of budget you have available.

If you want to go for an 80s vibe, do it. Don’t fancy an oversized bathtub? The regular kind will work just fine, thank you very much. Don’t let trends influence your taste, but use them as inspiration. After all, trends do often change.

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