The Modern Interior of an Old Private House in Florence

The interior of a private villa Micheli Residence, designed by Italian architect Simone Micheli, an unusual color palette is different and unique plan of internal space. The converted historic building located in Florence. Massive white surface is interspersed with vivid fragments of architectural elements and furniture. Pink, sunny yellow, blue and green, accented neon illumination, creates an effect of air living space, completely devoid of utilitarian value. Fresh modern colors and textures give the air volume and tease the historical past of the house, built in 1800. Some elements of the past have been left in its original condition, but painted in a graceful white, erasing unwanted memories and severity of past years.

Relief renewed ancient walls even more emphasizes the inhabitants and their guests on the smooth surfaces of perfect day today. From the attic space, separate from the common areas zoned translucent screen, web, open landscape spacious and bright living room, where you can feel like a kid in a candy shop, surrounded by candy, candied fruits and marshmallows in powdered sugar. Built almost minimalist kitchen is ergonomically-designed dissolves in the area, supporting the overall atmosphere of freedom and a smooth spatial dynamics.

Updated Home
Updated Home
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