Mosquito Control: How to Keep a Healthy and Safe Home

Nothing is more frustrating than an abode infested by mosquito control. And unfortunately, sometimes, they’re almost inevitable.

For example, homeowners in the tropics are more susceptible to these pests than others in frigid zones.

In this situation, the only chance you have at living safely is to eradicate them from your property.

Mosquitoes pose frantic dangers to human health. This alone is enough reason to combat them anywhere around you.

Malaria and fever are common aftermath of their bites, among other diseases. Their annoying buzz is another concern during a restful night after an incredibly long day.

When it comes to your health, nothing is too much to do. In this case, adopting several countermeasures against mosquitoes will keep you protected. Subsequently, we’ll be considering a number of these control methods.

Keep Your Doors And Windows Closed

Keep Your Doors And Windows Closed

Perhaps old school, but this is still a valid way to keep mosquitoes off. Sometimes, you must shut those windows and doors to seal your property.

If your major entries have gaps, fix them immediately to optimize the efficacy of this process.

Also, get screens for your windows if you don’t have them installed, especially for those you open regularly.

Use Mosquito Traps

Use Mosquito Traps

You can get mosquito traps at a neighboring store. If you’re new in the area, you can locate one by entering the query “pest control near me” on your internet search bar.

This technique is suitable indoors, and there are various DIY ideas to make homemade mosquito traps.

They’re effective for killing vast amounts of these flying pests, although they may need to be changed periodically.

Get An Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Contrary to what you may think, ultrasonic pest repellers have been in use for a while now. They work via the emission of a radio frequency unpleasant to pests.

Experts say the innovation works well for mosquitos, bugs, rodents, and ticks. So you don’t need to worry about the effect on you since humans and pets don’t pick up the frequency.

Grow Mosquito-Repelling Plants

Several plants are known to be unfriendly to mosquitoes. Why not have the likes of these around your home? Examples include catnip, tulsi, basil, peppermint, etc.

The trick to make them work is planting them in strategic places like directly outside your windows or entryways or using them as hedges.

When appropriately implemented with other essential solutions, this could be all you need to have a mosquito-free apartment.

Apply Insect Sprays And Other Pest Killers

When you buy insect killers, it’s best to use them following the manufacturer’s directives. Target areas where they’re mostly found.

For example, you can place mosquito coils in your basement. Some brands of insect sprays are equally effective outdoors.

Avoid Having Mosquito Breeding Sites in Your Yard

Avoid Having Mosquito Breeding Sites in Your Yard

The state of your environment is vital to how likely mosquitoes will be around. If you have stagnant water anywhere within your compound, ensure you clean them up. Likewise, close-up holes and ground depressions that accumulate water.

Maintain your swimming pools and ponds. Tidy leaf piles, dirt, and debris from your yard. Suppose your lawn and gardens have outgrown vegetation, mower and trim them.

Remember you’re first in line to having a mosquito hit if your home isn’t pest-proofed. From the discussed mosquito treatments above, adopt a suitable one for your property.

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