When you first started your business and it was just you and your laptop, working from home seemed like the perfect solution. You would save money on office space, have as much freedom as you wanted, and even if you outgrew the kitchen table, you could still use a corner of the bedroom or perhaps the spare bedroom as an office.

However, it could be that over time things have changed. What was once the ideal plan now just isn’t working anymore, and you are starting to think that it might be worth branching out and looking into getting an office outside the home. Here are some of the signs to look out for that show this is a good idea.

Your Business Has Grown

It’s wonderful when a business not only survives but thrives. That’s the point of starting a business in the first place; you want it to be successful and you want it to grow. A business that stagnates will soon disappear altogether.

Yet when you started and your business was small, you didn’t need a lot of space. One desk with a laptop and maybe a printer was enough, and if you had stock then a cupboard or perhaps a garage was fine to keep it in.

As the business has grown, you now find you need a lot more space both for your stock and for the equipment you need to make it run smoothly. If your home office can no longer cope and just hasn’t got the space, then you are going to need to look for something bigger elsewhere.

It’s Not Just You Anymore

Even if your business doesn’t need a lot of stock, or perhaps it needs none at all because you run a service rather than selling goods, you may still be running out of room. Once you start taking on employees, everything changes. Unless everyone is able to work remotely – which is sometimes possible, although it will depend on your business setup and how you want it to run – then they will all need a central space to work in, and it’s unlikely your home will have space for that.

Not only that, but your neighbors may not appreciate everyone coming to your home and parking up and down the street. It is at this point that engaging professionals who understand and are familiar with London property news, and who can find you the ideal office space at the right price, should be your next step.

You Need a Professional Image

If you need to start taking meetings and seeing clients and suppliers as your business grows, you probably won’t want them to come to your home. Not only is this your private space, but it also doesn’t give off a professional image. Neither does asking the person you are meeting to see you in a nearby café or restaurant. Therefore, if you are having a lot of meetings or know you will be in the future, you should think about renting an office space. It will offer a much more professional image of your business, and you and your family will be more comfortable too.

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