3 Best Neighborhoods for Young Professionals in Toronto

Toronto has always been a city of endless opportunities. Whether you are looking for Toronto houses for sale as a young professional or a family-oriented property, Toronto hits all the marks for a great investment. You can find the best neighborhoods in Toronto

From residential and more traditional areas to communities farther from downtown, there’s a neighborhood to match the lifestyle you are aspiring for.

Toronto is Canada’s economic hub. The city has been ranked in the top 10 “Word’s Most Economically Powerful Cities” by Forbes Magazine.

Due to its social scene, vibrant nightlife, and recreation options, the city has become one of Canada’s hottest real estate markets. Moreover, Toronto offers what most young professionals are looking for:

  • Lively area
  • Easy access to public transit
  • Proximity to grocery stores and workplaces
  • Reasonable average house and condo prices

Here are the three best neighborhoods in Toronto to settle into.

Yonge and Eglinton

Yonge and Eglinton

Yonge and Eglinton seems like it was designed for those who love to get out and explore the area’s amenities.

There’s little you won’t find in this neighborhood. As a young professional, you may prefer to rent or buy a condo by one of the busier intersections.

Yonge and Eglinton have easy access to public transportation, excellent nightlife, top restaurants, and recent condo developments.

The neighborhood has been nicknamed for some decades as “Young and Eligible,” and you can see why.

There are many condo buildings and apartments perfect for younger people who cannot afford to commit to something bigger yet.

Liberty Village

Liberty Village

This neighborhood has quickly become a hot spot for young professionals. Liberty Village is just a streetcar away from the downtown core, but it offers so many amenities and stores that you won’t need to leave.

It is a perfect blend of commercial, urban, and retail developments.

When it comes to Liberty Village’s real estate market, the area has plenty of condo apartments and townhouses.

Most of the old industrial buildings have been repurposed into trendy lofts and condos, making Liberty Village one of the most affordable neighborhoods near downtown Toronto.

Liberty Village is great if you’re seeking inspiration to boost your creativity in art, writing, marketing, or music. Close to everything, the neighborhood is perfect for young professionals.

King West

king west

King West is one of the fastest-growing neighborhoods in Toronto, and it has been compared to New York’s Soho neighborhood.

This neighborhood has condo prices just right for any young professional. Whether you’re looking for an artisan coffee in a quiet cafe, craft beers on a patio, or the hottest clubs, King West has got you covered.

The area is widely popular among young urban professionals, both couples and singles.

King West is ideal if you want an urban lifestyle close to Toronto’s downtown offices and within walking distance of the city’s entertainment district.

While rental prices may not be as friendly as you’d like, Toronto is still an attractive solution as getting a job here is easier than elsewhere in the country.

There are other great neighborhoods in Toronto, too. Bay Street Corridor, Yorkville, Trinity Bellwoods, Cabbagetown, and Leslieville are fantastic places to live.

If you are a young professional searching for the perfect neighborhood in Toronto will make your dream a reality.

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