Luxurious oak wood flooring infuses homes with a timeless elegance. It is beautifully hard wearing and acquires an increased depth of characteristic warm tones as it ages. Mature oak wood flooring is a popular choice amongst homeowners and interior designers alike. When professionally installed, it is an investment that can instantly add value to any home.

Benefits of Oak Wood Flooring

As a weathered hardwood sourced from sustainable forests, oak easily outperforms pine, its main softwood rival. Oak is a much stronger, heavier timber with a densely packed grain, enabling it to be far more resistant to the intense wear and tear of daily life. It is also highly resistant to humidity, moisture, mould, fungus and insects. As such, it is a hygienic flooring material that is ideal for maintaining a healthy home environment, particularly for allergy sufferers. Oak is an incredibly durable timber. Properly installed and maintained, oak flooring can last for centuries.

The Beauty of Oak Wood Flooring

An oak tree often takes at least one hundred years to mature, resulting in a beautiful, close grain that is virtually free of knots and blemishes. It has an elegant, warm tone that gains a gentler, deeper variation of colour after many years of natural ageing, even in sunny rooms. By contrast, pine acquires a brighter, yellowish tint.

Choice of Designs

Choice of Designs

The heavy, dense grain of oak timber allows it to be successfully crafted into several distinctive floor patterns. There are a few factors to consider when you are putting an oak floor in your home. For example, are you looking for a modern or rustic look? What area of the home are you putting the oak floor in? Lets discuss the different choices of oak floor in more detail:

  • Plank Oak Flooring

This is the traditional design of planks laid side by side that is so often found in stately homes. Its elegant simplicity enhances the timber’s natural beauty and creates a sense of uncluttered space. Long plank is particularly effective in large rooms. Oak timbers are available in several thicknesses and widths, making it an adaptable choice for all types of homes from traditional to contemporary.

  • Chevron Oak Flooring

Chevron Oak Flooring

The zig-zag design with angled meeting points makes chevron oak flooring exceptionally attractive. It is a durable design that has been in use since the era of the Ancient Greeks and has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity since the seventeenth century.

  • Herringbone Oak Flooring

The herringbone design of interlocking, straight cut edges has been a popular style in all types of homes for centuries. It instantly provides oak wood flooring with a traditional, luxurious quality.

  • Versailles Oak Wood Flooring

This highly ornate design of intricately patterned panels woven together first appeared in the magnificent Palace of Versailles in seventeenth century France. It is an artistic style that relies on the traditional woodworking skills of master craftsmen to produce its exquisite appearance.

The Unrivalled Beauty Of Oak Wood Flooring

Luxurious oak wood flooring has an unrivalled beauty that is easy to maintain by simply removing spillages, regularly vacuuming and occasionally cleaning the surface with a specially formulated product. Professionally installed, bespoke oak wood flooring is timelessly elegant, a valuable investment that will never go out of fashion.

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This article was written by Martin O’Callaghan of Wood Flooring Ireland who have been supplying the Irish market with high-quality Oak flooring for over two decades.