How to Organize Your Kitchen for a Baby?

When it comes down to the child’s safety, the kitchen becomes one of the potentially dangerous places, so its arrangement must be carefully thought through, taking into account the child’s curiosity.

By taking care in advance about the furnishings and safety of the child, you can be sure that the baby can be in the kitchen without any health risks.

How to keep the Kitchen Safe and Organized With Kids

At the stage of designing a kitchen set, it is worth taking into account several details:

  • Sturdy design – the key to success. Children often hit, pull, and in other ways, affect the furniture. Therefore, a strong frame and materials will protect against premature failure of the set.
  • Drawers and cabinets should have a locking system.
  • A calm color scheme is a must. Surrounding colors strongly affect the baby’s mental health, so it is better to choose pastel shades.
  • The kitchen style can be anything, from classic to modern, and ending with hi-tech. The main thing is to avoid bright colors that irritate the kid’s eyes.

Safety First

Safety first-Organize Your Kitchen for a Baby

Knives, forks, small appliances, and long power cables can pique a child’s interest. And they are the most potentially dangerous.

To avoid temptation, anything that, even theoretically, can cause harm, it’s a good idea to put them up higher or hidden in drawers.

Parents should ensure that the baby cannot open them so that they can use locking systems.

Even if your home appliances are new and in perfect working order, there is always the possibility of danger.

Many devices have sharp parts and other items that are very easy to injure. Create a separate area in your kitchen where you will store small appliances. Customed kitchen rugs can also be used to visually demarcate these storage areas, enhancing both safety and aesthetics.. It’s important to keep them high up.

  • Hiding electrical outlets in your kitchen

It is good if the location of outlets is designed in advance so that they are hidden from prying eyes.

But if they are in the access area, provide special panels to hide them. The same recommendations apply to all electrical equipment in the kitchen.

It is better to equip all possible sources of danger with a child safety lock function, so the kid cannot “use” the appliances himself.

Set up the Perfect Feeding Space

The main items in the kitchen for the baby are the highchair and feeding table, which in some designs, can be used from birth.

The organization of the place for them should be thought out in detail. It should not be placed near the oven and other heated appliances.

Ensure that the chair is away from dangerous items the little one can easily reach, and at the same time, the baby should have enough space to move around.

As a parent, you must also be comfortable feeding your child and safely preparing baby formula or snacks.

Therefore, it is important to conveniently place jars of cereal and formula, bottles, and sometimes special cooking utensils in the kitchen.

In order to keep the space neat, we advise you to take care in advance about free cupboards for these things.

Kitchen Play Area


If you plan to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and the child will be with you, you can provide a small soft play area where the baby can play and feel comfortable.

You can place a small kid’s kitchen set with enough space. That will create the impression that you are cooking together. And such games will be interesting even to babies and toddlers.

With the arrival of a child in the house, it may be necessary to sacrifice the aesthetics and comfort of your kitchen to create a safe environment for a while.

But remember that even the most beautiful decor is not worth a child’s tears. Make sure you decorate your home with your loved ones in mind first and foremost!

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