Original Architecture-Chicken Point Cabin

Chicken Point Cabin – surprisingly harmonious modern hotel with original architecture and iconic elements, combining function and aesthetics of the original. The authors of the “forest” of the project was already known to us American architectural studio Olson Kundig Architects.Unusual cozy house located in a scenic area of Northern Idaho. According to the architects, the main idea of the construction of Chicken Point Cabin was the creation of a cozy romantic forest refuge with large panoramic “lined with” a window opening out into the surrounding house magnificent nature.

A large window offers two tiers of windows, all the main room hotel, combining it with the forest, located near the lake and the mountain tops, trailing the horizon line. Materials of construction – concrete blocks and floors, metal, wood and plywood – have been left in its natural, almost raw state. This solution reduces the cost of building and formed a natural “forest” environment, which over time will become even more charisma, a little old and Get a gossamer …

Technology, through which opens a “window into the horizon, is formed from a visually expressive system of pulleys, the culmination of which is the union of interior and picturesque scenery.

In addition to the elements of an unusual system of opening the massive windows in the house there are several design objects that attract attention and create a unique creative environment that does not “enter into a dispute with the surrounding nature of the house.

Private apartments are located on the second level, also provide an opportunity to enjoy the sunrises and sunsets over the beautiful mountain lake, not even getting out of bed.

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