Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Celebrating Christmas is all about decorating your home to welcome the Holy Spirit in your beautiful house. The decorations should be arranged such that they could last the entire holiday season. You can preserve the embellishments inside the house but the outdoor Christmas decorations deplete quickly due to gusty winds and relentless snow. In order to keep your house’s exterior pretty throughout the holidays, you may have to re-decorate multiple times, which can be costly. Here are some outdoor Christmas decoration ideas that will not only be long lasting but will also save you money.


christmas wreathImage Source: Pixabay

Take a straw or evergreen wreath, a few unbreakable ornaments and a silk ribbon. Use a string to loop through the hooks of the ornaments. Wrap the ornament string and the silk ribbon around the wreath. You can use glue or tape to set the ornament string and the ribbon on the wreath and stick the wreath on your front door to start of your outdoor Christmas decorations.


christmas lightingImage Source: Pixabay

A string of lights powered by an AA battery can be hung around the door frame or along the fence to illuminate the house. Additionally, use chicken wire light balls for your lawn. Take a chicken wire to form a ball. Cover the entire ball with LED lights and arrange many glowing balls in the front garden to scare way the darkness of the Holy night.

Candy Ornaments Using Paper Plate

candy ornaments using paper plateImage Source: Pixabay

Your outdoor Christmas decorations won’t be complete without paper plate candies. Take a paper plate and cover it in a colorful wrap, and twist both ends of the wrap to make it look like a candy. Use different wraps to show different flavors of a candy. With various paper plates, you can make as many of these as you like. Stick the paper plate candies on outside windows and your door frame.


snowmanImage Source: Pexels

Make snowman without snow! Take several plastic cups and glue them together to make one very large round ball and the other slightly smaller. Put the smaller ball on top of the large one. Place a Santa cap on top of the smaller ball used as the head of the snowman. Make eyes and nose for the snowman. Once finished, insert lights powered by an AA battery inside some of the plastic balls. Place the snow man on your porch, glowing all night. Snowman is must for any outdoor Christmas decoration.

Santa In The Chimney

santa in the chimneyImage Source: Pixabay

Make your outdoor Christmas decorations memorable by recreating the famous idea of Santa getting stuck in a chimney. Take a cube card box,draw lines on it for bricks and color them. Cut one side of the cube to make the front of the chimney. Take red pants and black socks, and pin the socks with the pants. Then hang the pants by their rim with glue on the base of the cube’s roof. Place it in your porch to gather your visitor’s admiration.

With these outdoor Christmas decorations you can use all the extra stuff lying around to bring the holiday spirit to your house as well as save money to help others on the merry occasion of Christmas.

Featured Image Source: Pexels