Questions To Ask Your Painting Contractor Before Hiring Them

Whether you own or rent a building, it is your responsibility to take care of the property and its surroundings. As long as you occupy the said building, it is a good thing professional painters to tend to it. You should maintain it, keep it tidy and in good shape.


There are several activities that you can carry out to ensure this. These include regular cleaning, mowing long grasses, tending to a garden and decluttering. It can even include fumigation to help remove pests and other unwanted external elements. You can see ways to care for your building here.

An equally important part of keeping a building in good shape is painting it. Painting involves applying a coat of paint to the walls of a building which can be a residential or commercial building.

Benefits Of Painting Your Building

Benefits Of Painting Your Building

Whether it is a new property or an old one, painting helps to keep the building neat and attractive. It also helps to make it more habitable. You can find other benefits of painting your property or building below.

Provides It With Better Aesthetics And Makes It Appealing

Painting a structure drastically improves its appearance. From being dull to unsightly, you can make a building pop simply by adding some coats of paint. You can either use the previous color if it was a previously painted house or use another one entirely.

A new coat of paint will last for a few years before you need to repaint it. Each time you do a repaint, it gives the building a new glow. It will become newer and livelier and put the property in a new light.

Increased Property Value

Whether you are looking to sell your property now or later, you will do well to keep it in top shape. One of the ways to do this is by painting it. Asides from the appeal it gives, it also increases the value of the building.

When an appraiser comes around for evaluation, the paint job can help to influence the final value positively. Painting can also help to attract buyers. Even if you are into letting it out, it will help you get tenants easily.

It Provides Protection For The Walls

It Provides Protection For The Walls

Natural elements like wind, rain, insects, sleet, and so on will always be around us. The weather will change from season to season and from year to year. While all of these have their benefits, they also affect your building in a variety of ways. Over time, this will have a negative impact.

The building can get weakened, moisture can seep in, and mildew can grow on walls and a host of other things. Painting a building serve as a form of protection against these weather elements and prevent damage to your property.

It Enhances Productivity And Boosts Morale

Colors affect the way people feel and by painting, you can boost the mood and morale around your premises. For commercial settings like offices, you can elevate the energy levels even without knowing it and bring about more productivity. Additionally, it helps with the way customers perceive your business. You will find more its benefits in this article

Questions To Ask Your Painting Contractor

Questions To Ask Your Painting Contractor

Despite all of the above benefits and others you derive from painting your structure, it is not enough to just paint it. It has to be done properly and professionally. While you may choose to do this by yourself, it is always advisable to engage professional painters to do so for you.

However, before engaging any contractor, there are questions you should ask them. This is to verify their authenticity as well as to ensure they can do a good job. It helps you to set up expectations from the start and this ensures a smooth as well as a successful project. Some of the questions to ask include:

Does The Contractor Have A License And Insurance?

This is probably the first and the most important question to ask. Every city has rules that guide how contractors work and they provide them with licenses to certify them. This also means they have gone through training and have satisfied all the requirements to become a painter. Your contractor must be able to provide you with their license.

Furthermore, another important requirement for their job is insurance. Painting involves a certain level of risk due to climbing heights and this can lead to accidents and injuries. To this end, the contractor must have applicable insurances. You should ask for this as you will be liable for any accident on your property if the contractor does not have it.

What Type Of Paint Will Be Used?

It is your property so you need to be aware of the type of paint that will be used for the painting. Unless you have worked with the contractor before and trust what they will use, you must ask this question.

If the painter uses cheap and inferior quality paint, it will not stand the test of time due to weather. Higher quality paints are designed to withstand wear and tear and ultimately last a long time. Additionally, you should aim to know how many coats will be applied.

Do They Have Any References?

This is a common question for most contractors. They must have worked on various projects and garnered years of experience in the process. For all these projects and experiences, they should have references and reviews that can guarantee their work.

Bear in mind that in addition to the references they provide, you can check out online reviews about them. With this, you should get a more balanced view.

Is There A Warranty On Their Workmanship?

Reputable paint contractors in Cape Town or anywhere else for that matter will always be happy to back up their work. You should therefore ask them if their work is covered under warranty. A good paint job would last around 10 years. The painter may not offer you a warranty that is this long but they should give you a reasonable length of time. Ensure you understand the warranty terms and get them to put it in writing.


Painting a structure may be underrated but it is one of the best ways to keep your property appealing and in good shape. When trying to engage a painting contractor, do not rush into choosing one. Ensure to do your research and ask the right questions.

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